Ivana Trump’s 3 Grown-up Kids Mourn the ‘Incredible Woman’ Who Raised Them as Single Mom

Ivana Trump, the first wife of former President Donald Trump, has died aged 73 on Thursday afternoon. She passed after suffering from a heart attack. It is reported that a female staff arrived her Manhattan home and saw her lying unresponsive on the stairways.

Ivana was an outstanding sportsperson, a kind mom and a power to reckon with in corporate circles and she worked hard to accomplish her American Dream.

She was born in the Czech Republic and her dad was an electrical engineer and her mom a telephone operator. After finishing her college, she married Austrian ski coach Alfred Winklmayr. In spite of the failed marriage, it assisted her get an Austrian passport.

Ivana then shifted to Canada and established in Montreal, where she functioned as a ski coach and a model. During one of her modeling engagements in New York City in 1976, she saw Donald Trump, her future partner. They married in 1977 and grow into parents to their three kids – Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka, and Eric Trump. She was a devoted mother to her kids she measured motherhood one of her most astonishing attainments.

Ivanka took to Twitter to offer tribute to her darling mom. She mentioned her mother as vivid, delightful, passionate and hilarious. She reminisced her mom’s unbelievable life and how she would not pass up a chance to dance and giggle.

Eric think of her as a brilliant woman and a fighter who escaped communism in her home nation and made a home in the US.

The connect amid Ivana and her children was undisputable yet conventional. Even as she scaled to become one of the utmost commendable businesswomen, she did not give up her mothering coat. When her kid was young, she would tag along them to work and experience first-hand how she functioned and commanded admiration from her staffs.

Ivana revealed that there was no magic formula when questioned about the secret to her parenting. She told her children continually to do the correct thing and stimulated them to participate in sporting events and to be modest. She trained them to be strongminded and hardworking in everything they did.

Ivana acknowledged to being in charge of raising the kids already when she and Trump separated and even after their divorce, as she had sole guardianship. She made the hard choices about all facets of their lives.

Although that way of childrearing could have gone erroneous on many stages, Ivana seems to have done an eccentric job. Nowadays, her sons are extraordinary family men who co-run a multi-million business. On the other hand, Ivanka is a spouse, mom, apparels business proprietor and writer who vigorously works to progress women’s and kids’ lives.

Her three children have frequently received acclaim for their intellect, dignity, commitment and self-confidence. They are considered to be Trump’s best accomplishments.

Eric is the youngest of the Trump-Ivana children and like his siblings, he also functioned at the Trump Organization. Eric is also a family man and wedded his wife, Lara Trump, in 2014. The couple is blessed with two babies.

Donald Trump Jr., Ivana and Trump’s first child started functioning at his father’s business right after completing his studies. Apart from his work accomplishments, he is also a family man. In 2005, he tied the knot with model Vanessa Trump and together welcomed their five children. Regrettably, their marriage was over in 2018 and Donald Jr. then found love again with Kimberly Guilfoyle and lately declared their engagement.

Ivanka joined Donald Jr. at the Trump Organization after finishing her higher educations. Though she followed her desire for fashion and started her fashion, jewellery and shoe business and got into modeling. She was also part of her father’s advisory team through his presidency. In 2009, she wedded her partner Jared Kushner and the couple have three children.  

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