Mom Lives With 2 Husbands And Raises 3 Kids Under The Same Roof: ‘Three Is Not A Crowd’

Soon after Alexia tied the knot to Doug in 2004, the duo swiftly raised their family with the birth of two sons, Skyler, 14, and Donovan, 11. But their household is conformist as far as society’s old-style values are concerned.

Alexia is a spouse, mom and an expert body piercer and today she’s also a lady with not one but two spouses. Sometime in 2011, she understood that she was having romantic sentiments for her best friend, Jake. Alexia decided to share her feeling for Jake with her husband instead of keeping them undisclosed. Her husband’s reaction was also pretty unusual. Doug said that as long as she still loves him entirely then let’s see if they can make this happen.

Alexia and Jake started seeing each other and now all three live together in Ohio. In July 2016, Alexia wedded both Doug and Jacob in an obligatory ritual which she defines as a wedding deprived of the lawful marriage documentation. Alexia is now sharing about having more than one husband while she bringing up her kids together with both men. She said that their kids were grown-up when Jake came into their lives, so they just call Jake by his first name and Doug is called daddy being their biological dad.  

Alexia was expecting last year and greeted her daughter, their third child.  Though Doug and Jake were in the labour room while she was delivering but these things are being managed in a different way as compared to their other two kids.

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