A Man Wants To Help His Girlfriend’s Mother But She Refuses Him To Do So.


“My boyfriend and I have been together for two years and we have a great relationship with each other’s families. My problem is with my family. My mom and stepdad separated about a year ago and everything has fallen apart since. Four months ago, my mom totaled her car and started using mine, which left me unemployed and broke while trying to attend college. Two weeks later, she wrecked my car. I was speechless.

My stepdad and I bought my car and my mom never once spent a dime on it. This happened at the beginning of this year, and she hasn’t fixed it and expects my dad to fix it instead. She also has not gotten a new car. I’ve told her about me struggling with my mental health and she told me to go on a run and that she didn’t care about what I was going through because “she’s had it more rough.” My mom has always been toxic to me so I’ve gotten used to it, but it gets worse.

My boyfriend’s family bought him a house so he can be on his own and they also help him with school. He asked me to move in with him and I did. My boyfriend pays for everything: rent, utilities, food, and anything I need while I’m in school. After moving in with my boyfriend, my mom got a letter from her apartment saying there will be a $150 increase in her rent. She was already struggling to afford it so this pushed her past her breaking point.

My boyfriend suggested my mom move in with us for a bit to help her get back on her feet. Considering the rocky relationship I’ve always had with my mom and the fact that I had wanted to move out since the age of 15, this wasn’t something I was interested in. My boyfriend’s mom also didn’t like the idea much.

As a kind gesture, his mom suggested we could create a lease contract for a couple months and my mom would pay half of what she was paying at her apartment. Upon offering this option to my mom, she refused to sign the contract and wasn’t interested in paying rent. She told me she could manage to pay $150 less than what we asked. This upset my boyfriend’s mom as she felt my mom was trying to take advantage of us.

My mom has now gotten a majority of my family involved and they won’t even speak to me, including my biological dad. She also told her friend, who I work for, everything but only her side of the story and left out key details. Her friend suggested I choose my family over my boyfriend but why would I when they haven’t really been there for me? Am I in the wrong for choosing my boyfriend over my toxic family?”

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