WATCH: 83-Year-Old Grandma Gets 5th Degree Black Belt In Karate From Chuck Norris

Carole Taylor, an 83-year-old grandmother from Utah, just received her fifth-degree black belt in karate from the famed Chuck Norris.

Carole Taylor, 68, decided to pursue karate 15 years ago while she was escorting her 11-year-old granddaughter to classes.

She thought to herself, wow, this is both cerebral and physical. This is something that somebody her age should do, she recalled. So she asked the teacher if it was okay if she joined the class, and that’s what she did.

Taylor discovered her love of karate later in life.

She subsequently started karate classes with her granddaughter. She explained that they both earned their first-degree black belts about the same time.

Taylor’s granddaughter performed at Norris’ annual United Fighting Arts Federation International Training Convention last week.

Taylor demonstrated classic hand methods, stances, footwork, aiming, concentration, and power.

The Beach Boys’ “Little Old Lady from Pasadena” played in the background throughout her performance.

She selected this song since she grew up in Pasadena, and the audience liked it.

Norris and many others gave Taylor a standing ovation.

Following that, Norris personally awarded Taylor a fifth-degree black belt, which takes years to achieve in the Chuck Norris System.

Taylor remarked that she was ecstatic. She was able to bow to him, turn around, and he put (a black gi) on her, and then he grabbed her and held her so strongly, he almost lifted her off the ground, her one foot went up.

Carole Taylor will always remember her encounter with Chuck Norris, a karate expert himself.

“(Norris) was really sweet, and he’s 81, and he made some remarks about how he hadn’t been exercising much recently and how she had motivated him to go back and start training again, and that made her feel great,” she continued.

Taylor is delighted to have discovered karate as one of many life events.

She stated that it’s just one of those things that makes her life more complete, and she just enjoys it, and it makes her feel tough, strong, and it makes her feel like she can keep improving.

Taylor’s daughter Lacey Owens stated that karate provided her mom “some meaning in such a chaotic period” during the COVID-19 epidemic. And now she won’t be able to test again for five years if she wants to pursue her sixth degree, but she told her, ‘why not? Might as well try again.’

She is also a karate instructor. During the epidemic, she taught a pupil in her own house on the terrace every day to preserve social distance.

She went on that her mother has basically gone through a lot. She’s had a lot hurled at her, and she’s just always found the brightness in everything and continues going, and she’s just motivating other individuals with her love and generosity, and everyone who encounters her is influenced by her light. And she feels privileged to be her daughter.

They thank Carole Taylor for demonstrating to the globe that it is never too late to start a new interest like karate.

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