A mother has pleaded guilty to abandoning her blind, autistic kid to die in a field.

A Missouri mom has pleaded guilty to abandoning her blind, autistic son in a field, but she faces only 120 days in prison.

Kimberly Lightwine, 43, was discovered in an August 2016 field in southern Missouri with a shattered jaw and a smashed leg. Austin Anderson, her crippled 19-year-old son, lying dead next to her.

Police suspect Austin went into shock since he missed a dose of life-saving medicine. Austin was dehydrated, which led his brain to expand.

Polk County deputies informed the Springfield News-Leader that the mother and son were discovered wearing only their underpants.

Lightwine informed investigators when she was brought in for questioning, she killed her baby.

According to previous reports on the incident, a probable cause statement issued when Lightwine was accused stated that the 43-year-old told cops she drove Austin to a field and left him to die.

She is claimed to have said it’s her fault. They should charge her with murder for the killing of her son, and she said she is not kidding.

Lightwine’s sister stated the mom struggled with substance usage and feels there is more to the incident.

Stephanie Salgoa said Lightwine was kidnapped, drugged, and taken out to the field with her son before being abandoned.

Saloga explained that when she stated she murdered her baby, she meant she couldn’t get up off the ground to care for him and respond to his requirements. Anyone who knows her sister understands she adores that boy more than she adores life itself. She would never, ever harm him.

Lightwine’s Facebook page is a memorial to her son. Her social media profile is filled with photos of the two, and her biography focuses on the 19-year-old.

She is nothing without my son and she is  everything to him.  This is one proud Momma rite [sic] here, it says.

Photos shot on Tuesday at Austin’s monument display a keyboard, stereo, and bouquets of colourful flowers surrounding a huge plaque.

A string of bells can also be seen hanging from a handcrafted crucifix.

Lightwine was accused with second-degree murder at first, but pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter on Wednesday.

She has been sentenced to attend a 120-day substance addiction recovery programme after which she will be freed on probation.

Her attorney, Jason Coatney, stated that the mom had no idea how she landed in the field and that he was glad his client was given a second shot with recovery.

He added that he was relieved that the state agreed to this. To be honest, he believes it’s the correct thing to do.

If Lightwine does not finish the programme, she will be imprisoned for seven years. She will be freed on probation after completing her rehabilitation.

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