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6-year-old child is killed after being bitten by a rattlesnake while on a family bike trip with his father and sister – rest in peace

A neighbourhood in Security-Widefield, Colorado is in grief after a rattlesnake bite killed a six-year-old kid last Tuesday.

According to accounts, Simon Currat was out biking with his dad and sibling at Bluestem Prairie Open Space when they halted for a water break.

Simon, unfortunately, was bitten by a rattlesnake after getting off his bike. Derek Chambers, Battalion Chief of the Security Fire Department, stated that Simon had rushed ahead of his father and sister to see a mile marker sign.

Simon’s dad is believed to have acted instantly after hearing his kid shout “rattlesnake.”

The terrified father dragged his child to the closest neighbourhood, where people quickly heard his calls for aid and dialled 911. According to one of Simon’s neighbours, first responders arrived shortly.

Battalion Chief Chambers stated that he got on the site five minutes after the 911 call was issued – Simon had not yet gone into cardiac arrest at this time.

The six-year-old was airlifted to a nearby hospital and then flown to Children’s Hospital in Aurora for further specialised care.

Simon, on the other hand, died in hospital on July 9 after only a few days.

Michelle Johnson is a leader at Colorado Springs’ Calvary Worship Center, where the boy’s family attends.

They got a text saying Simon had been bitten by a snake, he stated. Prayers were sent out, and pastors answered by visiting the hospital, meeting with the family, and praying for Simon in the following days. They were hopeful he would survive, but that did not happen.

Our heart goes out to little Simon’s family! Young man rest in peace.

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