Grandma Celebrates Killing Son-in-law After He Insulted Her Clothing.

During a tearful hearing in Vista Superior Court on Thursday, a grandmother convicted of gunning down her son-in-law in his Fallbrook home was sentenced to 50 years to life in prison.

Cynthia Cdebaca, 65, will most likely spend the rest of her life in prison as a result of the sentence. In February, she was convicted responsible of first-degree murder in the killing of Geoward Estaquio, her daughter’s husband.

Cdebaca has acknowledged shooting the 53-year-old about 8 a.m. on February 11, 2014 — her 63rd birthday after making sarcastic remarks to her on the back patio of the family’s affluent house in a guarded Fallbrook enclave.

#ledgermaterial #Repost A grandmother convicted of gunning down her son-in-law in his Fallbrook home was sentenced to 50 years to life in prison during an emotional hearing in Vista Superior Court. The sentence means Cynthia Cdebaca, 65, will probably spend the rest of her life in custody. She was found guilty in February of first-degree murder in the death of Geoward Estaquio, who was married to her daughter. Cdebaca has admitted shooting the 53-year-old about 8 a.m. on Feb. 11, 2014 — her 63rd birthday — after he made snide comments to her on the back patio of the family’s upscale home in a gated Fallbrook community. She headed up to the granny flat where she lived, grabbed her gun and ambushed Estaquio as he carried laundry. During the 10 minute attack, she repeatedly emptied the five-shot gun — twice going to her car for more bullets. With Estaquio dead on the kitchen floor, Cdebaca headed to a local diner for bacon and eggs. She then ditched the gun and spent a nearly two hours at a Temecula casino. Detectives found her later that afternoon at a Fallbrook coffee shop. Stone has said on the day of the fatal shooting Cdebaca “snapped” after seeing her daughter and grandchildren — then 12 and 15 — repeatedly mistreated. “This is not a case where she did this out of greed or self-interest,” Stone said in court Thursday. “She did it — in her mind — to protect her family.” During trial, Cdebaca’s daughter, Laura Salinas, described the tension that existed in the family’s home. She said her husband physically and verbally assailed her, broke his teen son’s pricey electronics and sprayed family members with water if they misbehaved. Estaquio also threw out the urn containing the ashes of Cdebaca’s late husband.

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She went up to her granny apartment, got her revolver, and attacked Estaquio as he brought laundry. Throughout the ten-minute assault, she continuously emptied the five-shot pistol, twice returning to her car for additional shots.

Cdebaca went to a nearby café for bacon and eggs after Estaquio died on the kitchen floor. She then dropped the gun and spent over two hours in a casino in Temecula. Later that afternoon, detectives tracked her down at a Fallbrook coffee shop.

The facts in this case warranted the jury’s decision, Superior Court Judge K. Mickael Kirkman stated Thursday.

Cdebaca spoke shortly before the sentence was handed down, beginning with she is extremely sorry but she became distressed and her words became impossible to understand.

According to Cdebaca’s defence counsel, William Stone, she is never going to come out of prison.  He remarked on her age and delicate medical condition; she had a stroke on September 11, 2001, and never recovered completely.

Stone claims that on the day of the deadly shot, Cdebaca “snapped” after regularly mistreating her daughter and grandkids, who were then 12 and 15.

Stone stated in court on Thursday that this is not a scenario where she acted out of selfishness or self-interest.  In her opinion, she did it to protect her family.

Laura Salinas, Cdebaca’s daughter, highlighted the stress in the family’s house during the hearing. She said her spouse assaulted her physically and emotionally, smashed his adolescent son’s expensive devices, and splashed family members with water if they misbehaved. Estaquio also tossed out the urn carrying Cdebaca’s late husband’s ashes.

She simply would like to express that this is a disaster, Salinas sobbed at the sentencing hearing on Thursday. She adores her mother, and also adores Geoward.

She said that both her and her husband’s families had suffered.

She’s hopeful they can go on from here Salinas added.

Estaquio was the third of eight kids in a close-knit family that gathered for family reunions and laughing. Three of his siblings, notably two from the East Coast, witnessed the hearing.

Geonisa Harris, his sister, stated that her family now talks to events as “pre- or post-” her brother’s death.

Harris remarked that this catastrophe has affected them deeply and completely.

Harris used terms like quick-witted, unselfish, and kind to describe her brother. She added that no one can or will remove his vivid energy, his everlasting love for his family.

His strict demeanour was misconstrued, Harris explained.

Deputy District Attorney Keith Watanabe did not deny the charges of abuse, but maintained that Estaquio’s acts were not life-threatening, and that Cdebaca’s conduct were not justifiable and were intentional.

She practised target shooting at an Oceanside shooting range three weeks before the shooting.

The attack began on the back patio of the family’s big house in Fallbrook’s gated Peppertree Park enclave. A injured Estaquio crept from the patio into the kitchen, shutting the door behind him at one point, most likely during one of the two occasions the slow-moving Cdebaca went to her car to acquire more rounds.

Cdebaca shot through the door glass, allowing access to the kitchen and continuing to shoot her son-in-law.

Three of the 15 rounds she fired hit the door. The other 12 hit Estaquio, one of which was a graze injury, but many of them struck his torso. Evidence suggests that several of the rounds were fired as he was crawling away.

Georanna Biroonak, another of Estaquio’s sisters, claimed her brother was “taken” from her family by a “cold-blooded killer.”

Biroonak stated that she is a horrible individual who deserves every second of her incarceration.

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