A two-year-old kid is discovered DEAD in a daycare facility.

An unexpected death of a two-year-old kid at a daycare center has left a tiny town in mourning.

On Wednesday, rumours that the baby had passed away prompted paramedics to be dispatched to the Little Gems Childcare and Early Learning Center in Maryborough, on Queensland’s Fraser Coast.

Although investigations are still ongoing, Queensland Police emphasized that the death is not being viewed as suspicious.

A mom who arrived at the center about 5.30 p.m. on Wednesday to take up her daughter stated that the personnel there were inconsolable as they processed the disaster.

She stated, she can’t help but feel great sorrow for the parents.

Consider leaving your kid at a childcare center and never picking them up again.

The mom, who wishes to stay unnamed, told the newspaper that her three-year-old daughter enjoyed going to the day care center and getting to know all of the employees.

She said that after lovingly caring for each kid and “truly caring for the children,” the caregivers would feel as though “they’ve lost a child too.”

The center closed on Wednesday and sent the kids home early. It will be closed again on Thursday.

The scene has been left with a bouquet of flowers.

The coroner will get a report.

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