Mike Tyson believes he will pass away “very soon.”

At moments, Mike Tyson feels as though his end is near.

The former heavyweight boxing champion revealed on his podcast “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson” that he feels like he is dying and invited trauma and addiction specialist Sean McFarland on as a guest.

Of course, we will all pass away at some point, Tyson remarked. Then, when he sees those tiny dots on his face in the mirror, he thinks, that indicates that his expiry date is rapidly approaching.

Before talking about his death, 56-year-old Tyson talked about how having money does not necessarily provide the pleasure and safety that those who have never had it may think. Tyson has recently developed a strong sense of philosophy and introspection.

Tyson declared that money doesn’t matter to him. He constantly tells individuals that when one has a lot of money, one can’t expect anyone to love you. They assume that money would make them happy since they have never had money before. When you have $500 billion, how is he supposed to tell you that he loves you?

An illusion of security. One may think that nothing bad can happen. One may reject the idea that the banks may fail. When one has a lot of money, one tends to think that he/she is unstoppable, which is untrue. He usually remarks that money is a false feeling of security because of this.

In their discussions, his wife reportedly requests money for protection, according to Tyson.

He questioned, “What is security?” He is not sure. Is it secure to deposit money into a bank account, receive a check each week, and have enough money to last the rest of your life? That implies that you can’t get sick or struck by a car? A bridge is inaccessible for jumping. He is  not sure. Is that protection? Can you buy your way out of that?

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