A Wife Is In Disbelief After Learning Her Husband Sells The Lunches She Makes For Him

When you’re in a relationship, there are a lot of things you have to do jointly. The budget is an important consideration. Financial agreement might be difficult to reach, but it is essential for every good partnership to prosper. When money is tight, couples must do everything they can to make things work. As a result, sacrifices are frequently made. Read the story to know what happened between this couple and what are your thoughts on this.

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My F33 husband M37 works at an advertising company. We’re struggling a bit financially because we’re saving up to purchase a new apartment. He is used to eating fast food and it was costy. He had no problem spending money daily on fast food and after doing the math he spends about 300 a month on just fast food. 20$ daily. We live in an expensive area. I talked to him about it. He agreed that I make sandwiches for him to take with him to work.

That way he eats healthy and we spare money for rent. Everything was going well. I noticed he wouldn’t respond when I asked whether he liked the sandwiches I made. But kept asking me to make more than 2 since he was hungry.

Yesterday. He came home with his friend and co-worker. We sat at the dinner table and his friend brought up the sandwiches I made for my husband. And how delicious they are. I thanked him then he said the price was a bit much. I was confused. I asked him to explain and he said my husband sells the sandwiches I make to his co workers then goes to buy his own lunch from the restaurant. I was stunned my husband denied it. I began arguing with him after his friend left.

He said there was nothing wrong with it. I told him I will no longer be making him sandwiches if he’s selling them to buy fast food. He defended himself calling this an overreaction since he’s not spending money on fast food and said I was being unfair to start an argument over this. I just walked into the bedroom and stayed there then he said I owe him an apology for God knows what and he didn’t think it was acceptable of me to lash out and say I won’t make him sandwiches anymore. What are your opinions? Did I over react? Please don’t be afraid to criticize. Thank you for your time in advance.

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