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Abused Baby Wasn’t Able To Tell His Parents About Cruel Babysitter — But His Dog Could.

When Benjamin and Hope Jordan relocated to Charleston, South Carolina, they needed a babysitter for their young son Finn. They conducted their due diligence after discovering what they thought was a suitable match at the time, going through the safe procedure of doing a background check. With everything looking okay on paper, they decided to recruit 21-year-old Alexis Khan, who had previously worked as a babysitter.

The Jordans reported that things looked to be going well after employing Khan to monitor Finn at their house while they worked. They got along with Khan, whom they regarded as a “personable lady,” but things began to alter gradually. Killian, the Jordans’ devoted family dog, appeared to be attempting to warn them to a problem around five months into Khan’s employment with the family.

The black lab and German shepherd mix was normally a calm and sociable dog, but his demeanour started to shift dramatically when Alexis Khan approached Finn. They observed the dog getting very defensive when Alexis was around, Benjamin Jordan stated. He’d growl and put himself between her and their son. They realized something was wrong when his hair sprang up on the back of his neck.

Benjamin and Hope couldn’t ignore the sensation that something was extremely wrong when Killian growled and snarled at the babysitter. Benjamin stated that he was very aggressive towards her, and a few times they actually had to physically restrain their dog from going towards her, describing why he and Hope were becoming more concerned that something was amiss.

Hope, who was becoming more concerned about Killian’s attitude toward Khan, recommended they hide an iPhone beneath the living room sofa on voice memo to capture sounds while they were away. They anticipated finding Khan abusing their dog since Killian’s behavior had been unusual, but they caught something much worse. Hope characterized the tape she was listening to as a “nightmare.”

Her son cried practically the entire seven and a half hours. She was shouting at him, calling him nasty things, and it was just out of nowhere. He wasn’t acting up, he hadn’t been crying until she left him alone in his cot for hours, or, of course, the physical abuse, Hope added, referring to the “slap noises” heard on the audio by her and Benjamin.

Listening to the recording terrified Benjamin, who wished he could reach through the gadget and go back in time. “Shut the f*** up,” Khan was heard instructing 7-month-old Finn, while calling the newborn expletives. The slapping and shaking sounds, though, were the most concerning.

Finn’s scream went from a “distressed cry” to a “pain cry,” according to Benjamin. He only intended to reach through the audio tape, go back in time, and just grab him up, the father recounted, hoping to console his kid. They couldn’t believe it.

The shocked parents rushed their infant to the hospital, where doctors declared Finn to be in fine condition but still called the cops. Officials were initially afraid that the audio recording would not be sufficient to prosecute the charges.

Nevertheless, when a Charleston police investigator interrogated Alexis Khan, she made a complete confession. The babysitter in South Carolina pleaded guilty to assault and battery and was subsequently convicted of child abuse. She received the maximum punishment of three years in jail.

Finn was prevented from further abuse thanks to Killian’s dedication in informing the boy’s parents that the lady was abusing their kid, and other kids will be safeguarded from this monster who poses as a childcare provider. Alexis Khan was not only imprisoned, but her name was also added to a list of child abusers, barring her from ever working with kids again.

Who knows how many kids she has abused or how many more she would have abused had it not been for their dog, Benjamin Jordan said, thankful that the family pet was more than simply a loving companion for his kid. Finn’s guardian and lifesaver was Killian, illustrating once again that not all heroes wear capes. Some have fur and walk on all fours to sniff out the bad guys among us.

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