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Dog Found Wandering Streets Of Detroit With Stuffed Animal Gets Rescued.

It was a distressing sight to see a German Shepherd wondering about the streets of Detroit on her alone, with only her favourite stuffed bear to keep her company.

However, after being rescued, this lovely puppy is now safe and well.

Locals observed the dog walking the streets and, despite the fact that she is a female, they named her “Nicholas.” According to neighbours, the dog became homeless when her owner died.

💗Safe and Caught thanks to the incredible South Lyon Murphy Lost Animal Recovery ❤️ we will be reviewing all the…

Posted by Almost Home-NO KILL Rescue on Monday, 1 May 2023

As word of the dog’s tale spread, a number of local organisations, such as It Is Pawzable Dog Training, South Lyon Murphy Lost Animal Recovery, Sugar Mutts Dog Grooming, and Almost Home Animal Rescue, banded together to capture and transport the dog.

Everybody comes together and works as a team, which is so incredible,” It Is Pawzable owner Katrina Weaver told FOX 2.

Fortunately, their rescue attempt was successful: on May 3, Almost Home No Kill Rescue announced that the dog had been successfully captured and was currently in their care. They nicknamed “Nicholas” “Nikki,” since she is a female dog.

***Secured GSD w)stuffy in Detroit ♥ Happy Gotcha Day! Thanks to South Lyon Murphy Lost Animal Recovery, Nicholas is…

Posted by Almost Home-NO KILL Rescue on Wednesday, 3 May 2023

”Only good things from here and onto a better life!” said the rescue on Facebook. “Thank you for all of your support. Nikki will now be in a loving home!”

There is one snag: Nikki is said to have heartworm, which will need four weeks of treatment. Nikki is currently resting, getting medicine, and going on leash walks. When she is rescued, the rescue will start seeking for a new home for her.

Meanwhile, Nikki is in good hands – and yes, she still has her favourite stuffy with her.

Nikki is safe and sound. She's resting comfortably with her stuffy. More love to come ❤️it’s been a long day…..

Posted by Almost Home-NO KILL Rescue on Wednesday, 3 May 2023

We’re so relieved that this lovely puppy is finally safe and sound with her favourite stuffed toy. I hope Nikki heals quickly and gets a wonderful new home!

Please spread the word about this wonderful tale!

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