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According to a new poll, older women are now dating younger guys. This is why.

While older men appear to be praised for dating much younger women, their female counterparts are frequently condemned if they date a much younger man. But, it appears that the unjust assumption of women dating men their own age or older is fading.

According to one poll, 81% of women are interested in dating someone 10 years younger than them, while over 90% of males are interested in dating somebody 10 years older.

TODAY Special Anchor Maria Shriver interviewed three couples to find out why age gap partnerships are becoming increasingly prevalent. Shriver attempts to discover answers while meeting with matchmaker Julia Spira.

Women will now date in the same way that men do, said Matchmaker Julia Spira. These days, women have economic power and wonderful occupations, so they aren’t searching for someone to be their equal on a bank statement, Spira explained.

46-year-old Tracy Tutor is dating Erik Anderson, a 26-year-old personal trainer. Tutor may be seen on Bravo TV’s Million Dollar Listing LA. Anderson seemed unconcerned about Tutor’s achievement. Her strong work ethic and tenacity drew him in.

The younger females don’t know what they desire and they’re a little adrift. And then he is lost. And then he saw her confidence, and he was so drawn to how hard she works for what she desires, Anderson stated.

Shriver questioned Tutor about why she gave Anderson a chance. She expressed that until she met Erik, she dated a lot of men who were intrinsically drawn to the idea that she was confident and accomplished — until they were alone.

Another pair describes their encounter with Shriver.

Despite the fact that Laquelle Mills is six years her senior and earns more money than her boyfriend, Malik Rashid, their relationship works. She said that she admires Rashid’s communication skills.

Colin Willard, her partner, is 16 years her senior.

Willard has his own hypothesis on why women are increasingly dating younger guys. The younger generation of men feel that being a good spouse implies making sure your girlfriend is emotionally, psychologically, and physically pleased, he explained.

Despite the opinions of others, these couples follow their hearts.

Happiness may be obtained in a variety of ways, and age does not have to be a barrier. Tutor discussed with Shriver the need of being open to new options in relationships.

The pool is already so tiny that it’s difficult to discover the ideal individual for oneself. Why are peers shrinking it further? Men, however, do not. Why should females?, Tutor stated.

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