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Truck Stop Makes Sure All Drivers On The Road On Thanksgiving Get A Warm Turkey Meal.

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and spend time with family. Sadly, not everyone has the privilege of sitting down to a hot Thanksgiving meal with their family.

On such a significant occasion, many truck drivers find themselves in different parts of the country, distant from family and loved ones. Fortunately, this truck stop in Boise knew just what to do…

The staff at Boise Stage Stop understand the significance of a delicious Thanksgiving feast. The station is on a well-traveled route between Boise and Mountain Home.

They intended to express their thanks to all of the truck drivers coming through! It’s wonderful to see that people still care, remarked Clay Barry, a truck driver.

The Boise Stage Stop, originally known as the Regina Store and created in the early 1900s by Postmaster Joseph Boyle, has altered dramatically over the previous century.

However, for the past 18 years, they have maintained an essential legacy: providing a nutritious dinner to truck workers traveling through on Thanksgiving. David Rau, a truck driver, is fully aware of their custom.

He’s been traveling through the truck stop for two decades, his wife is the General Manager at the Boise Stage Stop, and he made a point of being there on Thursday!

Having this when they can’t be with their family members is a significant thing, Rau added. It has a special place in his heart, he adds of the gesture of goodwill.

Kelly Willis, another truck driver, expresses his gratitude for the lunch. It means everything to them since they spend so much time on the road, Willis explained. A lot of the time, they don’t have a place to be with their family. So having a location where they can come and be welcomed as if they were family is invaluable.

They sacrifice time with their families to help them, therefore they must assist them, Barry adds.

This year, like in the previous 18 years, the truck stop served cooked Thanksgiving dinners to truck drivers in a home-like setting. This year’s events also feature a raffle and the distribution of supplies such as Coke, popcorn, and even gloves, which drivers sometimes require!

It’s gratifying to see folks that cherish others and go out of their way to recognize industrious breadwinners still exist. Giving up holidays to make finances meet doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a delicious Thanksgiving feast.

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