According to Alicia Silverstone, her kid, who is 11, still sleeps with her.

In this interview, Alicia Silverstone discusses how she raises her son Bear, who is 11 years old.

The 45-year-old star disclosed during a discussion on “The Ellen Fisher Podcast” that she and her kid still sleep in the same bed. Fisher brought up co-sleeping and Silverstone’s “alternative” parenting practices after talking extensively about the actor’s vegetarianism.

In the episode released on Tuesday, Silverstone said that Bear and she still sleep together, before adding, she’ll be in trouble for revealing that, but she honestly doesn’t care.

She began by claiming to be “a natural mother” before talking about parenting her kid.

She is also a devoted mother, she said. And she believes in both love and nature, yet their culture fears both affection and nature.

The star, who has a son named Bear with her ex-husband Christopher Jarecki, said she and her child co-sleep because it’s natural.

Silverstone pointed across the room and said, “If you were in any type of wild situation where there are animals, if you placed your kid over there, your baby is going to get eaten. Being there is not optimal for the infant.

Silverstone has already spoken about sharing a bed with her kid. She stated that putting a child in a crib is “tantamount to child maltreatment” in her 2014 book “The Kind Mama.” She revealed in 2020 that she and Bear, who was then 9 years old, continued to share a bed.

She exclaimed that the regard they have for each other is absolutely fantastic. When they wake up, they cuddle for two to three hours while giggling and conversing. They’ll cook pancakes after that.

The “Senior Year” star resumed her talk with Fisher while referring to parenting as “the most wonderful” and “incredible journey.”

She desired more children, however her relationship broke down, and it wasn’t the best moment to welcome one. She was so in love with her Bear that she didn’t want one straight immediately, she reminisced. She  didn’t feel ready to start a family again until she was around 3 years old, and since she was alone at the time, she didn’t have a partner, which is why she didn’t have four children.

Silverstone’s parenting method has already generated news coverage. She admitted that she chewed her son’s meals for him back in 2012.

She then published a video demonstrating how she fed an 11-month-old Bear.

She gave Bear the mochi from her lips and a small bit of vegetable soup. It’s both his and her favorite,” she said on her blog. If she is eating, he physically crawls across the room to assault her mouth. This video was recorded when he was a little unsteady, maybe two months ago. He is currently grasping her lips to take the food!

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