Police search the residence where six-year-old Charlie was discovered dead in her diaper.

Cops have searched the run-down house where six-year-old Charlie was discovered dead in her diaper amid suspicions of criminal mistreatment.

On Wednesday, major crime detectives went to the Munno Para house in Adelaide’s northern suburbs to look into the death of the little girl.

Around one in the morning on Friday, the six-year-old was discovered to be unconscious after her mom yelled, “Charlie’s not breathing!”

On Wednesday morning, police spoke to Charlie’s mom before she left the house in a pink sweatshirt on foot so that investigators could do their investigation.

Cops were spotted examining the house and taking pictures as security was on guard, wearing safety gear and masks.

They stole what seemed to be a hard drive from a neighboring house that was equipped with a security camera.

Along Charlie’s street, detectives were also observed knocking on doors.

Five of the girl’s siblings have been taken out of the house and are being cared for by the state while the inquiry is ongoing.

In addition to being encircled by overgrown grass, the housing commission residence is also strewn with other objects, such as old appliances, kids’ toys, a tent, and a mattress.

Officials have acknowledged that at least three government organizations, including the Department of Child Protection, were aware of Charlie and her family.

At the Munno Para house in January of last year, Charlie and her siblings witnessed their “drug-fueled” dad repeatedly stab their mom, including in the neck.

Officials did not take the kids away, regardless of the fact that they had seen the horrific incident and that their dad had a history of using drugs and domestic violence.

When asked how her mom was doing, Charlie’s aunt, who was sporting a pink sweatshirt with the phrase “but did you die? #mumlife,” reacted angrily to the press.

What do you believe her feelings are? In her arms, her daughter just passed away! She remarked on Tuesday outside the house, “Obviously she’s sad.”

Bec, a neighbor, stated that the girl’s mother had called 911 in the middle of the night and detailed how others had attempted to save Charlie’s life.

They were preparing to turn in for the night about one in the morning when they heard this beating on the door.

‘Charlie’s mom was screaming “Charlie isn’t breathing!” so they rushed over there. She was paper white and lying on the floor wearing only a diaper. When she was touched, she was ice cold and had her eyes wide and fixed on the ceiling.

They tried it all to get Charlie to breathe. When they flipped Charlie onto her side, they saw something in the young girl’s mouth while Bec’s sister anxiously attempted to revive her.

Before flipping her onto her back and resuming CPR, they desperately sought to open her airway. Soon after, paramedics came and spent thirty minutes treating Charlie.

After a lot of suction, the paramedics were able to insert the breathing tube, but even after they were able to get air into her lungs, her heart refused to beat.

They declared her dead in the hospital, but she had passed away before.

The mom of five claimed that she will never forget the picture of Charlie dying on the floor while wearing diapers, paper-white and ice-cold.

The siblings of Charlie were kept away from the awful sight by Bec and her sister. Concerned about what was occurring to their sister, they were inconsolable.

When questioned about the cause of death, Bec replied that she wasn’t sure if she had choked to death or if there were health problems that nobody was aware of.

The kid and her siblings never looked healthy and frequently had head lice, she said, adding that nobody saw Charlie until the last two weeks of her life as she was unwell with a strange ailment.

Cops were summoned to the house 18 months ago when Charlie’s dad, who had been using methylamphetamine at the time, had injured her mom, who had been his partner for 18 years, during an argument.

He had used the substance regularly for several years before the incident, but had since stopped using it. The court learned this at the sentencing hearing in February.

The mom was stabbed three times in the front yard after the altercation began in the bedroom.

A prosecutor informed the District Court that the attack happened in front of the home and was observed by at least one citizen, who had to pull the accused away from the victim not once, but twice.

The dad initially faced an attempted murder charge before pleading guilty to the lesser charge of intentionally inflicting damage.

He was given a five-year, six-month sentence in March of this year, with a three-year, six-month non-parole period.

He received a sentence for aggravated assault for striking the same victim in the face four years prior.

Authorities will now look into any more encounters they had with the family in the years preceding Charlie’s passing.

Uncle of Charlie, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, expressed shock at what had occurred.

he exclaimed that he  didn’t know about it on Friday but learned that she passed away on Monday.

The six-year-old’s circumstances were described as “terrible” by SA Deputy Police Commissioner Linda Williams on Tuesday. Williams said that it was still too early to say if the child’s death might have been avoided.

The interactions between Charlie’s family and the state’s human services, child protection, education, and housing agencies will be the subject of a government study, according to acting premier Susan Close.

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