Accurate Portrayal Of Grief In This Holiday Season.

Story by Liz Newman

The Grief at the Table Where You Used to Be.

The holiday season, it snuck up on me and along with it a most silent and weighty grief. Quietly, it settles in and pulls up a seat makes itself comfortable in the spot where you used to be.

But all the same I acknowledge it I sit with it today, on this milestone, this heavy holiday.

Can you pass the gravy? and maybe a cherished memory? Let the laughter flow or let the tears fall freely? Today can be whatever we need it to be.

Because there’s nothing normal about a holiday without you so I will lament and I will ache, mingle with the grief and gratitude,

With the love and the loss, painful firsts, mournful lasts. a year that reminds us of time gone much too fast.

Because the grief sits at the table where you used to be, but your love helps me through it and keeps me company.

And no matter what it brings to the table, I’ll take my seat, I’ll face it, I’ll feel it In honor of your memory.

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