Orphan Boy Wanted A Gift For His Sisters On Christmas So Knocked The Neighbor’s Door.

We often take the simple things in life for granted. Let us be grateful for all the blessings God has given us- the food we eat, the clothes we wear and the home we stay in. This story is a gentle reminder to be thankful for what we have and to share it with others. Let’s sprinkle love and happiness in one another’s lives. (Thanks Grace for sharing this story with us through our page).

Source: Reddit

My neighbor knocked on my door. A little background is that he lives with his aunt after his mom passed away earlier this year and he has two younger sisters. I sometimes watch the kids to help his aunt out, every time I see her she looks worn out.

A few months ago he asked me if he could do some chores to get money because I’m “rich” and he wanted to buy a birthday cake for his birthday. I asked him why he thought I was rich and he said that I always have food in the kitchen, my toilet always flushes, and my apartment was always cold (this was in the summer) so he knows I am rich. It was a gut punch because I’m not rich, but I do have my basic needs with a little “extras” like air conditioning.

Tonight he knocked on my door and asked if he knew if Santa was coming to my house and if he was, could he and his sisters spend the night so they could get the presents they told Santa they wanted. He proceeded to say he knows Santa doesn’t give gifts to 10 year old “big boys” but wanted his sisters to get gifts.

When I asked him who told him that “big boys” don’t get gifts he said his Aunt did. When I asked her what was going on and if she knew that there was a few organizations who would have given all three kids gifts she said she was afraid to try because she is undocumented.

The fear in her eyes made mine well up because I knew she was afraid I was going to turn her in. I wish I had known sooner (even though I have nothing myself) and told her I would help. I went to the dollar tree and got each a santa coloring book and markers. When I was dropping them off he saw me and his eyes lit up and he said “Your friends with Santa!!??”.

The joy on his face for a coloring book made me sob when I got home. I know we are all doing the best we can right now but I truly hope every kid gets something from Santa.

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