“I Stood Up Against Sexist Men And Faced No Backlash.”

This story will remind you to be confident in the way you are. Don’t let anybody’s judgment affect you. (Thanks Valentina for sharing this story with us through our page).

Source: Reddit

I had joined a new company 6 months beforehand and had been growing my hair out for a friend’s wedding for more than a year previous. Wedding came and went and the next day I got my hair cut back to my preferred length.

My hair is short. Not shaved bald but very much a low maintenance ‘butch’ look that I love. So I went from shoulder length to short over a single weekend and my colleagues had never seen my previous look before.

My female colleagues either complimented my hair or gave neutral ‘that’s so different!’ responses. Two of my male colleagues (in separate incidents) however felt the need to tell me that it made me less attractive to them. Bare in mind that both were married anyway!

Well, I didn’t care that they didn’t like my look and I told them. First guy- ‘I always prefer women with long hair. Why did you cut it all off?’ Me – ‘I didn’t take your personal preference in women into account when I got it cut. I make it a point to get a cut i like. However, I will mention to your wife that you would prefer all women to have longer hair (she just had a pixie cut done) and for future, feel free to not comment on my looks as I don’t care about what you find attractive’

Second guy – ‘ I always think that women should have long hair’ Me – ‘and if what you thought was that important to me then I might care. But I don’t and I am all the happier for it. Also, I don’t recall asking your opinion’ Guy – ‘I didn’t mean it like that. No need to take offence’ Me – ‘you told me my hair cut is wrong in your opinion. Offence was tended. If you don’t want to offend then don’t comment on someone else’s appearance especially when your option wasn’t asked for.’

They remained friendly but never commented on my appearance again. No negative backlash, nothing. It might not have improved the situation but it felt damn good to call them on their bullsh*t.

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