Actor Danny Trejo applauds his son on his 8 years of sobriety in a heartfelt statement.

Danny Trejo, an actor, may portray a harsh person on TV, but he has a soft place for his family and enjoys their successes.

The Machete franchise’s leading man recently congratulated his son Gilbert on a significant accomplishment on social media. The 34-year-old son of Trejo celebrated eight years of sobriety on July 17.

‘If you have a child who is battling with addiction, please know that his son is now his best friend despite the fact that he didn’t believe he would! There is a chance!’ Trejo tweeted.

The actor has been clean for more than 50 years, so he is familiar with the sober lifestyle. He didn’t start using marijuana until he was eight years old. He drank for the first time at the age of 12, and by 14 he was using heroin.

At the age of 24, he eventually made the decision to quit drinking after spending years in and out of jail and attending countless 12-step groups. He didn’t spend any time before completely integrating himself into the recovery scene and becoming a drug counselor.

From August 23, 1968, to the present, “all is simply like a dream,” he declared. He has nothing to grumble about. There is nothing he needs to fix.

Trejo is still an advocate for recovery. He is also extremely honest about how difficult it is to maintain soberness.

Danielle, the 78-year-old’s daughter, has been clean for a number of years.

Gilbert, congratulations! Eight years is a remarkable achievement. May you always be successful.

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