To pay for her grandfather’s burial, the woman sought to sell her shoes. An NFL star intervened.

The sole purpose of Texas teacher Jennifer Simpson’s tweets featuring her J.J. Watt-edition sneakers and jersey was to collect funds for her grandfather’s burial.

Rather, she experienced the athlete’s own emotional response. She has a pair of Reebok women’s edition sneakers in size 9 for $60. They’ve been on her twice. They are fantastic shoes, but she is just selling them to help pay for her grandpa’s burial, Simpson posted images of the goods in a tweet on Wednesday. Additionally, She also has a $30 Watt women’s XL Texans jersey. Anyone with an interest?’

The tweet received almost 250 responses. J.J. Watt, a defensive end with the Arizona Cardinals, was one of them.

Watt penned that don’t sell the sneakers and jersey; they’ll help with the burial. He feels bad for her loss.

Texas resident Tara Roderick, 34 expressed that she never imagined Watt would be interested in her niece’s post.

Roderick expressed that they did not anticipate anything. They simply assumed that perhaps another fan would want to purchase the jersey or shoes.”

According to Roderick, Simpson messaged her on Facebook to give the information.

Simpson said she truly doesn’t know how to use Twitter. When Jennifer showed J.J.’s retweet, she questioned what it was. She  had no idea what she was demonstrating to her. She said, J.J. Watt said he’s going to help with the burial expenses for Grandpa.

Roderick admitted to being dubious at first.

Then, Roderick said, Jennifer provided her a screenshot showing he had sent money via Paypal. She nearly died. He expressed his regret for their loss and donated.

Jerry Roderick, Simpson’s grandpa and Roderick’s dad, went away suddenly on June 20.

It was unexpected, according to Roderick. He had just had blood tests when he suddenly suffered a heart arrest.

On July 6, Simpson posted on Twitter that her grandfather had gone away two weeks earlier and that her family was having financial difficulties with the cost of the burial.

She said that she is at a loss on what to do next. Her grandfather passed away two weeks ago, but they have not yet raised enough money for his burial. She can cancel her upcoming business trip since she is behind on her graduate school work, which is great. She sells dishes and baked items every day, however they need more.

On Thursday, Simpson tweeted that the family had paid for the funeral ceremonies and was focusing on cemetery expenses. Roderick later verified this information.

Since of what J.J. has done, Roderick she would want to talk to J.J. herself, as it has eased a little load knowing they can lay her dad to rest after a month.

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