Actor Jon Voight Recalls The Moment He Realized God Is Real And How It Changed Everything

Jon Voight is a well-known actor who has won several awards. However, living in the spotlight reveals some of the less glamorous aspects of life.

Jon acknowledges having been through some difficult moments. Incidents such as his adultery and even his alienation from his kids, Angelina Jolie and James Haven, are all well known.

As Christians are aware, God is constantly there with us, both at the peaks and in the valleys. And, amid a period of intense personal conflict, Jon had a profound experience with God that transformed his life completely!

When Tucker Carlson went down to chat with actor Jon Voight, he expected to discuss the actor’s political beliefs. But Jon instantly shifted the interview’s focus, directing it toward his beliefs. And he revealed a remarkable meeting with God.

When Jon was experiencing major difficulties, a life-changing event occurred.

He explained at one time, he was in a lot of difficulty. He  had some issues, and was really hurting for a variety of reasons. His profession was in upheaval at the time, and there was a lot going on. His  bond with his children and wife.

Actor Jon Voight recalls collapsing and shouting, “It’s so difficult!”

Prior to that point, Jon defined himself as an individual who prayed “with the expectation that no one is listening.” But God spoke to him in that time of frustration.

It’s intended to be difficult, he heard in his ear- a voice of knowledge, love, and clarity — it had such an impact, he recounted.

Jon understood he wasn’t alone at that point. God was genuine and was with him through it all. And it’s a discovery he claims transformed his life forever.

For the following several days, Jon Voight put his revelation to the test. And every time he begged God for a sign, God provided one.

So that’s when one discovers God is real, knows who he/she is, and is on their side, Tucker Carlson said while Jon concurred.

When actor Jon Voight wept to God, he was mainly worried about overcoming his difficulties. However, as he grew closer to Jesus, he had a wake-up call.

If he is going to be God’s vessel, he has to be the best cleaner than he was. He got to be a good guy, he remarked.

What Jon recounts seems like a genuine heart shift that only God can bring about. He resolved to straighten up his life. He ceased to live for himself and his own selfish interests and began to live for the Lord.

He stated that he is afraid of the Lord. He is frightened he’ll anger God.

Wow! These are not statements one would imagine hearing from somebody connected with Hollywood. But it’s simply more evidence that God is at work everywhere. We only need to look for Him.

What a powerful statement from actor Jon Voight!

Watch the interview below and please share it with your loved ones.

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