Chrissy Teigen Reveals She’s Pregnant For The 4th Time: ‘We Have Another On The Way’

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend soon going to welcome their fourth child. Chrissy shared the news on her Instagram page. The joyful information comes approximately two years after the couple lost their third child when Chrissy was 5-months pregnant.

Chrissy wrote in her post that the last few years have been a spin of sentiments but happiness has filled their home and hearts once more.

She further said that she’s endured at least one medical interference through the pregnancy. Chrissy said that she does not think that she will ever come out of an appointment with more eagerness than worries but till now, all is seamless and she is feeling confident and wonderful.

The couple grieved the distressing loss of their son Jack at only 20 weeks pregnancy in September 2020. Both were open about the devastating experience and John later said that it felt imperative to share their story and Chrissy felt like she wanted to tell the story entirely about what occurred.

John said that they realised how many other peoples have gone through the same pain. He said that was a commanding and courageous thing that Chrissy did to share that since it made so many individuals feel like that they are not alone.

The couple’s fourth child will join older siblings Luna and Miles. The twosome seems close, but Chrissy has described that they have pretty dissimilar natures. She said that Miles loves the quiet moments and story time, but Luna was just such a nut case.

Chrissy had said earlier in response to fan questions in February 2022 that she was undergoing IVF yet again. She had looked swollen in fresh photographs because of the treatment. She went on to say that she simply requests her admirers to stop asking if she is expecting, while she recognizes it’s said with good intents, but feels miserable to hear since she is the opposite of pregnant.

Fortunately, IVF seems to have worked for them and while there’s been no sign of when Chrissy might be due, it’s evident from her apprise that it is going to be soon.

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