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Actor Sam Elliot Recites A Soldier’s Moving Story & It Went Viral.

Here is a beautiful tribute to all the awesome military. They deserve the greatest appreciation and respect. Academy Award nominated actor Sam Elliot paid tribute to WWII veteran Sgt. Ray Lambert when Sam read Sgt. Lambert’s moving story about surviving D-Day.

Sam Elliot read “It was total confusion. Shells exploding, Boats blowing up, people yelling because they couldn’t hear anything, machine gun bullets hitting the water all around you, the roar of the boats coming in.

It’s like you’re all alone in the world of a million people because you’re concentrating on what you have to do. I just kept going. I was thinking of only one thing- getting to the men who needed me.”

Sam carried on reading the letter “You did the job you were trained to do. If you didn’t you died.”

At the end of the story Sam concluded with Sgt. Lambert’s words about the men who lost their lives on that day. After Sam left the stage he walked up to Sgt. Lambert to shake his hands.

Sam felt honored to tell the veteran’s story. He knew it was necessary for the world to know these veterans stories and respect them for the sacrifices they have made for our freedoms.

Watch the detailed heart touching video and please share this to show your love and respect to our beloved soldiers.

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