Police Officer Enmanuel Familia Dies Trying To Rescue Drowning 14-Year-Old Boy From Pond.

God sends police officers as angels to risk their lives in order to save others.

Worcester Police Chief Steven Sargent said officers were called to the Green Hill Park after getting many calls of people drowning in the pond. When the officers reached the spot, they noticed 3 teenagers trying hard to stay afloat in the pond. One of the teens only had his arms above the water.

Five officers jumped in the water including 38 year old Enmanuel Familia. The officers saved two of the teens, however quickly realized both Familia and the the third who was a just 14 year old boy are missing.

To look for Familia and the boy divers were called to the scene. After a few hours, Both were discovered but in an unresponsive state. They were immediately taken to the hospital where they were pronounced dead.

Sargent expressed that the Worcester Police Department had lost a friend, brother, partner and the city has lost a hero who will be cherished and honored for his selfless devotion to Worcester and his sacrifice to save an unknown person.

Familia was a five year veteran of the force who has a wife and two children.

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