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Mom Has Arms Ripped Apart, Dies Stopping Pit Bull From Attacking 4-Year-Old Son.

Losing a mother is a terrible loss that cannot be described in words. In this story the mom truly was an angel to her son. The memory of this beautiful soul as a wife/mother will always be remembered.

Heather Pingel, 35, died eight days after saving her 4 year old son Damion from their family pit bull Brownie. Heather’s brother-in-law Travis called 911 telling them that Heather had no arms and was dying and the baby had fallen down the staircase covered with vomit.

On reaching the place Deputy Eric Strike described the home as “a war zone.” He found Heather’s husband Shane standing outside shattered. A dog died outside in the snow covered in a large pile of blood, a cord wrapped around its neck.

When he went to the downstair’s bathroom he found Heather lying on the bathroom floor covered full with blood, arms mangled and face covered with a dark substance like soot. There was blood all over the walls, floor and ceiling.

Heather had difficulty breathing. As they carried her to the ambulance they kept telling her to not give up on the breathing, to stay with them. Deputy Strike quickly then ran up to the living room to take care of the child who was curled up in a blanket on a chair covered with blood and vomit. He kept telling the child to keep breathing too.

Shane told Strike that when he returned home from job he and his brother searched and noticed the bathroom door closed but could hear something from within. When asked Heather whether she was okay, she only mentioned about their baby Damion that he fell from the stairs and does not know where he is.

Rushing quickly to the living room he found his son in the chair injured and quickly ran to open the bathroom door. To their horror they saw Brownie attacking her. He grabbed the dog in a choke hold and in this process he got his hand bitten but somehow dragged it outside, managed to take the pistol which he had kept hidden in the kitchen on the way. He shot the dog in the head when they reached the porch.

Heather, who was taken to Wausau Aspirus Hospital, suffered kidney failure and had both her arms amputated. She was unable to speak and tell what actually happened. Unfortunately after eight days she lost her life. All the family knows that she sacrificed her life to save her son’s life.

Heather’s sister Shannon described her as a hero and one of the strongest, bravest mothers to do that for a child. Thankfully, Damion survived with 70 stitches to his leg.

Vets informed the police that the dog was up to date with its shots and had no health issues. Nevertheless its remains will be tested. Family members explained the animal did have a history of violence. When he was younger he had been beaten by his previous owner however the family had understood it and taken utmost care.

Shannon said her sister Heather loved animals and didn’t have the heart to abandon him. However Shannon believes the dog was very restive to loud sounds, so she assumes Damion must have fallen down the staircase and cried loudly and had gone near to the dog who must have grabbed the little boy’s leg. That’s when Heather came to rescue her son. She must have dragged the dog to the bathroom and locked herself in there fighting alone, keeping the baby far away from the dog.

The heroic mom has also left behind a 5 year old daughter. A GoFundMe had been created for the medical expenses and funeral costs. May this mom’s soul rest in peace. It’s an unimaginable pain. May God give strength, peace and comfort to the family. 

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