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After $400 trip to vet, man learns his limping dog was just copying him out of sympathy.

It’s always worrying when our pets appear to be ill or wounded. You want to check on them and bring them to the vet as quickly as possible.

However, while one guy was worried about his dog, he learned that the dog was more worried about him — and what looked to be a wound was really his compassionate pet’s way of demonstrating unity with him.

Russell Jones, from London, injured his ankle last year and was forced to use crutches and a cast. But then something weird happened: his dog, Billy, an 8-year-old lurcher, began limping as well.

Russell arrived, worried about the dog’s foot, and brought Billy to the doctor the next day. The consultation cost £300, or more than $400 USD, and included scans and x-rays… Despite this, nothing appeared out of place.

Russell told that he walked in normally, and when he came out, they said they couldn’t detect anything wrong with him.

Even stranger, Billy began limping again when they arrived home. Russell’s wife Michelle then noticed the dog dashing around the property while Russell was not around.

They eventually deduced that Billy was merely faking a limp around Russell to show compassion for him when he was on crutches!

It’s an incredible display of compassion for a dog, a lesson of how intelligent and caring they can be. When his owner became unable to walk normally, Billy opted to “limp” in sympathy.

Russell lately shared a video of Billy limping behind him, describing the issue and said he “loves” his dog despite the fact that he has cost him hundreds of dollars in unnecessary medical bills.

Cost me £300 in vet fees and X-rays, nothing wrong just sympathy. Love him ❤️

Posted by Russell Jones on Friday, 15 January 2021

The video has quickly gone viral. While some laughed that the dog was a “con artist,” most thought it was a touching move.

Michelle said he’s a really compassionate dog.

While he may pile up medical expenditures, Billy is the type of loving dog one wants at one’s side!

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