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After many strokes, the dog can’t walk to the bedroom- his family sleeps with him on the couch every night.

Our dogs begin to slow down as they get older, yet we do all we can to ensure that they are content and at ease in their golden years.

However, one family went above and above for their elderly dog, adjusting their sleep routines to ensure he felt appreciated.

Spike, an English springer spaniel, is 14 years old. He can’t get about like he used to, like many dogs his age. He just had a second stroke, making it difficult for him to move up and down the stairs.

Sadly, this meant Spike wouldn’t be able to do one of his favorite things: lie in bed with his family, something he’s done since he was a puppy.

They locked the stair gate and went to bed the first night they got him, Spike’s owner Catherine Morris stated. He moaned for a few moments before leaping over the fence in the dark and trotting up into her parents’ room, straight up into the bed! And he slept there from then on.

Spike’s favorite area was no longer accessible because their bedroom was on the second story. In spite of his frail position, he continued to attempt, to the point that his family had to shut off the stairs to keep him from trying.

Rather, they devised an endearing alternative: if Spike couldn’t come upstairs to sleep with them, they would come downstairs and sleep with Spike!

Now, family members set up the pull-out sofa and spend the night downstairs with Spike on a rotating basis, just to keep the elderly dog company.

Catherine came from university to find her parents’ new sleeping arrangement, which surprised her because they’ve always had a tight relationship with Spike.

They’re completely intertwined, Catherine explained. Her father refers to him as ‘old bean,’ and they’re often speaking.

Her father would also carry Spike’s water and food to the sofa and feed him by hand to ensure he receives his medications and maintains his vigor.

Spike may not be the little pup he once was, but one thing remains constant: his family’s devotion for him.

With this altruistic effort, they make it plain that they will go to whatever length to make Spike’s remaining years as memorable as possible.

They adore their old buddy and are grateful to have him in their life, Catherine remarked. Maybe, they have made up for his rocky start in life by showering him with all the love in the world.

It’s incredible how far individuals will go to make their dogs happy. Thank you to this family for caring for their elderly dog.

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