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After being chastised for allowing pit bulls to snooze with his infant, dad justifies them.

Some canines are categorised unjustly because of their breed, and no breed suffers more than the pit bull. Pit bulls have traditionally been seen as innately ferocious and dangerous canines by the general people.

It all relies on the dog’s surroundings and upbringing, just as with any other breed. Many pet pit bulls are quite gentle and loving to humans and other animals.

However, their ferocious reputation has done a lot of damage to the breed: they are generally difficult to adopt and are frequently used in illicit dog fighting operations. They are the most prevalent breed seen in animal shelters.

Many pit bull owners work hard to refute falsehoods and restore their breed’s reputation… like one father who justified the dogs after being chastised for allowing them to be around his infant.

MVP Kennels is owned by Jarad Derochey, who breeds American Bully dogs. Despite their image, he believes these dogs make excellent companions; his Instagram demonstrates how joyful and nice pit bulls can be.

He trusts his dogs so much that he allows them to spend time with his young kids.

While many pit bull doubters are concerned about how the dogs would interact with newborns, Jarad demonstrated that the canines can snuggle happily with the children.

While many people thought the photographs were lovely, some did not: Jarad allegedly got some response from individuals concerned that he was endangering his son’s life by allowing him to sleep with a pit bull.

But he stood up for himself and the dogs. He stepped out, saying that not only were his pit bulls so loving and friendly that they would never hurt his kids, but that he believed the touching photographs and videos would change people’s perceptions of the breed.

Jarad said that an expert on temperament testing in dogs revealed that pit bulls were scored at 86 percent of passing temperament, whereas the typical dog scores 77 percent. Pit bulls have the second-highest temperament of any breed.

Jarad has continued to upload images and videos of the dogs’ loving attitude over the years, featuring more of them engaging closely with youngsters.

And nowadays, the opinions appear to be a lot more positive: everyone agrees that it’s not about the breed, but about how you nurture them.

Pit bulls, like any other dog, should be loved and should not be condemned based on inaccurate prejudices. These photographs and videos demonstrate how kind they can be.

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