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Mum goes on an expensive tropical vacation by herself to impart her children a “valuable lesson.”

A British mother is planning a costly tropical vacation alone, leaving her children at home to teach them an “important lesson.” Jill Ritchie, 42, has two boys, Jude, seven, and Eden, eleven, however neither will accompany her to Bali on her next vacation.

She’ll be spending three weeks alone in the tropical paradise, and she feels it’ll be beneficial for her two kids and teach them how to manage without her. They won’t be alone since Jill, from Edinburgh, Scotland, is also leaving her husband, Daryl, at home to unwind.

Jill, a life coach and podcaster, planned the trip after her mother, Fiona, died of cancer, and she hoped to be allowed to grieve alone.

She was raised in a single-parent family and claims her mother taught her to enjoy life to the fullest.

And now, through her journey to Bali, Jill hopes to set an example for her own kids, teaching them that taking time to care for oneself is not selfish.

She stated that her mother was a single mom who raised her sister and herself on her own. They three had a wonderful relationship. Throughout her sickness, they were there for her every step of the way.

The oncologist told her that he’d never met someone who fought so hard to survive as her mother. It gave her hope that she could accomplish it, and it pushed her to test the boundaries she set for herself.

She wanted to travel since she was 17, but her mother was frightened of her leaving, Jill revealed. When she became a mother, she didn’t believe it was something a mother could accomplish.

However, after working on herself, she realised it wasn’t selfish, and it doesn’t imply she doesn’t care about her children. By doing so, she intends to alter the course of her children’s life and demonstrate to them that there are other ways to be a parent.

Their small eyes are always on her, and if kids see their mother suppressing her feelings and never truly expressing herself, they’ll enter relationships thinking that’s how their partner should be.

She wants her children to respect and honour women, and know that at the end of it, she’ll be a happier, less resentful, and calmer mother.

Jill has reserved lodging for the first four days on the island, but the rest is up to chance.

And, despite her ‘nervousness’ about travelling to the other side of the world, especially as she has never been away from her family for more than two days, she has been encouraged by the response of her husband and children, who, while concerned, are pulling for her every step of the way.

She imagines the kids will be emotional when she goes, she continued. They claim they’re alright, but when she left them off at school this morning before heading to the airport, there were embraces, kisses, and tears.

She always comes back to what she is teaching kids and the influence it will have on their life, she adds. She really can’t die wishing she’d done things differently.

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