After finding he is not his son’s biological father, his dad disowns him at preschool.

A little child has been deserted by his family for the most heartbreaking of reasons.

What began as a routine morning for the 5-year-old, who goes by the alias “Xiao Rui,” turned out to be the most tragic day of his life.

As per local accounts, his dad dropped him off for preschool as normal, but did not come back to pick him up in the evening.

Chen, the boy’s teacher, allegedly phoned his dad, who declined to pick up the kid, claiming that he had recently found that he wasn’t the boy’s actual dad based on a paternity test, and that Xiao was now “the school’s issue.”

Little Xiao was carrying only a change of clothing and a cell phone in his rucksack.

Later that day, the worried teacher went to Xiao’s house and found that it was vacant, and his mom’s whereabouts were unknown.

The preschool called the cops, who reached Xiao’s grandfather and uncle, who reportedly declined to accept the child.

For five days, the frightened baby was left at his preschool.

The child was supposed to be picked up by his real mother this week.

Users on the Chinese microblogging site Weibo were naturally outraged.

“Look at his naive back, it’s incredibly tragic,” one user said. “Other people’s children are treated like infants, but [he] has to confront the nastiness of the adult world.”

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