Mom sentenced to 20 years for allowing men to rape her young daughters

A lady sentenced to 20 years in jail for allowing men to abuse her young kids in exchange for money.

Morgan Summerlin, 25, was sentenced to 20 years in jail, with an additional ten years on probation. As per the prosecution, she is not eligible for parole. Summerlin risked a sentence of 140 years in jail.

In May, Summerlin entered a guilty plea in Fulton Superior Court.

Summerlin waved kisses to family members who sat and watched the sentence as she was brought out of the courthouse and into a detention cell. A few minutes earlier, the woman’s grandpa informed a court of another event involving a 12-year-old family member, which prosecutors claimed was identical to the two child rape incidents. However, they refused to go into information in public.

However, it was sufficient for Judge Constance Russell to punish Summerlin. Her defence lawyer stated that the defendant was sexually abused and assaulted as a youngster, implying a continued pattern of abuse.

The young victims in this case are now living with one of the family members who appeared in court today. Summerlin escorted the youngsters, aged 5 and 6, to visit guys who would subsequently rape and molest them, according to other adults.

Richard Office, 78, was one of them. The girls informed adults that they went to Office’s house in Palmetto, Ga., where he improperly handled them, kissed them, and raped one of them. Office handed them each $100 in return, which their mom seized. The youngsters were compelled him “Pop,” and he administered narcotics to their mom, as per the Fulton County District Attorney.

The young victims in this case are now residing with one of the family members who appeared in court. Summerlin pled guilty to first-degree child abuse, luring a youngster for lewd conduct, and trafficking a person for sexual service.

Office was found guilty of rape, child molestation, human trafficking for sexual slavery, luring a kid for immoral reasons, and sexual violence. He received a life sentence without the chance of release, as well as 146 years to run consecutively.

Alfredo Trejo, the second defendant, was found guilty of rape, child molestation, sexual violence, luring a kid for immoral reasons, trafficking a person for sexual slavery, and severe child molestation. He received a sentence of 25 years in jail followed by life on probation.

In the incident, the victims’ grandmother was also detained. She pled guilty to second-degree cruelty to children for understanding they were being sexually assaulted and failing to protect them. She was sentenced to five years in prison, yet a year was commuted to time already served, and the remainder is being served under probation.

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