After He Losing His Best Friend Sad He Didn’t Expect This From His Parent.

When you lose a close family member, there’s no way that person can ever be replaced. And when you lose a longtime pet, that feeling is usually the same. But some feel the need to try anyway.

In St. Louis, Missouri, Chris and Katie Downs adopted a puppy they named Mellow, and sometime later their son, Leo, was born. And as Leo grew, so did Mellow, and they quickly became the best of companions. For many years, Leo and Mellow were practically inseparable.

Says mom Katie: “Anywhere Leo was, [Mellow] was sure to be right next to him. We graduated Leo to a bunk bed earlier last year and guess who got the bottom bunk? You guessed it, Mellow did. He truly loved us [and] everyone he met and he exemplified the definition of a top-notch dog. My husband took him everywhere! It’s a rarity that you know my husband and not know Mellow.”

Unfortunately, earlier this year, Mellow died from natural causes. That was awful rough on the family, but little Leo took it extremely hard.

Katie and Chris thought it best to wait awhile before trying to get another dog. But Leo wanted another dog, and he wanted another dog now.

So Katie started looking through the dogs on the Stray dogs of St. Louis’ Facebook page, and, lo and behold, she spotted a puppy that was the spitting image of Mellow at that age. His name was Nutty Buddy. He was 9 weeks old and ready for adoption.

When she showed the picture to her husband, he was just as amazed as Katie. They immediately filled out an adoption application and it was approved. Then they decided to surprise Leo. So they took him to the shelter, saying they had to drop off some donations. As Leo waited for them out in the hallway, a staffer started recording for the big moment. Then another staffer brought the squirming Nutty Buddy out to meet Leo. The young boy burst into tears. He was overwhelmed; couldn’t be any happier. And he hugged his parents.

This family came in with donations after their family dog passed away. What they didn't tell their son was they also adopted a puppy and surprised him. Grab the kleenex! ❤️🥰😭

Posted by Stray Rescue of St. Louis on Sunday, 3 February 2019

Says dad Chris: “It was an incredible moment for our family and I’m happy that we were able to capture this special moment.”

Katie posted it on Facebook, with a special message for the shelter, saying: “The best experience ever!! You guys made our day but more importantly, you made our son Leo’s day in helping surprise him with Nutty Buddy! Thank you!”

And now, they’re one big happy family… once again.

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