“Honey, Don’t Lecture Me. My Mom Was Kicked Out By My Dad Because He Thought She Was Sleeping Around On Him.”

Clearly, we cannot control all the hardships people go through, but there are times we can help.

A woman was waiting in line at a store checkout one night. A young pregnant woman was in front of her, and she looked rough, like she had been physically beaten. And she was worried about her card going through for the groceries she had picked up. It didn’t. It was declined, and she started crying.

She explained how her boyfriend had beaten her up and kicked her out, saying that baby was not his. And he had apparently canceled her food stamp card. The cashier was stunned, and obviously troubled by the poor young woman. But almost immediately, a man behind the woman who was listening to the girl’s story in front of her moved up to the cashier and said to put her groceries on his card.

The young pregnant girl quickly said, no, she couldn’t… it was too much. And, indeed, it was about $150 worth of groceries. But he insisted, saying, “Honey, don’t lecture me. My mom was kicked out by my dad because he thought she was sleeping around on him. She worked two jobs to keep a roof over my head. I’m not letting some deadbeat a*shat throw his girlfriend out because he has trust issues.”

The young woman was completely shocked by the man’s generosity. She told him that she could not pay him back because she has no job. He then said, “Take my card. I’ve seen you in here a few times during regular shopping hours. You’re always very nice to the employees and everyone in line. I need a receptionist for my apartment complex. Come by tomorrow, and we’ll have an interview. I give discounts to my employees on their rent.”

The cashier rang up both sets of groceries. He looked at the young woman and told her that things would get better, and told her to make sure to come see him tomorrow. The customer who witnessed this was amazed by the man’s tremendous generosity. Not only were that young girl’s groceries taken care of, she now had a great opportunity for a job and a place to live.

That customer posted about the incident on social media, saying “Sir, wherever you are… You restored some of my faith in humanity. Thank you. Ma’am, wherever you are, I hope you and your baby have a great life, and you find someone to take care of you both and love you the way you deserve. I hope you got that job, but judging from how the man was talking, I’m sure you did!”

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