After his disabled daughter fell into a canal, the dad drowned while attempting to rescue her.

An inquest heard that a father died while attempting to save his crippled daughter after her mobility scooter went into a canal.

On September 1 of last year, about 5.20 p.m., Lawrence Casey, 86, sprang into the chilly Bude Canal in north Cornwall when his daughter Jessica lost control of her scooter.

But while he frantically attempted to save his daughter, Mr. Casey passed away, and Jessica was saved and sent to the hospital.

No one saw Jessica, a 27-year-old woman with cerebral palsy, enter the sea, according to an inquiry held at Cornwall Coroner’s Court.

But shortly after, two neighboring fisherman were both able to retrieve Mr. Casey from the ocean after being informed by a passing jogger.

After hearing the commotion and diving in to save Ms. Casey, a paddleboard instructor began performing CPR on her dad, who was unresponsive.

Despite the arrival of emergency personnel, including an air ambulance, Mr. Casey was declared dead a short while later.

Ms. Casey uses a wheelchair and a tablet computer to help with communication, the inquiry heard today.

Her mom Ruth testified at the inquiry that her daughter and her ex-husband would frequently go for strolls together.

She remarked that Jessica had told her that Lawrence and she went for a walk along Bude Canal on the particular day.

Jessica informed that while using her mobility scooter, she unexpectedly fell into the canal. Jessica also revealed to her that she could swim whereas Daddy couldn’t, and that Daddy eventually sank.

Lawrence was a really powerful swimmer, and she is aware that he can swim.

Jessica’s description of what transpired has evolved multiple times after Lawrence’s passing as a result of family members’ conversations that she overheard attempting to put together what could have occurred.

Dad of nine Mr. Casey served in the RAF and the Merchant Navy after graduating from high school before starting his own business.

Their marriage ended, Mrs. Casey said, but they always stayed on extremely excellent terms.  Lawrence was a wonderful support and took the best possible care of Jessica.

He was close to Jessica and frequently brought her out for exercise and socializing.

Fisherman David Flay stated he tried his best to save Mr. Casey’s life after diving into the canal to attempt to save him.

At no point did he hear Jessica explain what had occurred, he continued.

He now believes that once she entered the sea, her father, a male went after her to save her. This is something that he has never done before.

He is very sorry they were unable to rescue that man’s life, even though he is not a first aid trained he did everything he could in his best.

Mr. Carey’s manner of death was determined by a post-mortem investigation to be drowning.

Police came to the conclusion that Mr. Casey dove into the sea after Ms. Casey’s mobility scooter fell into the water.

“Jessica has somehow ridden the mobility scooter into the canal and that her father has gone in after her,” Detective Constable James McDonald said during the inquiry.

As a result, he probably drowned or experienced a medical emergency that caused his death.

Senior coroner for Cornwall, Andrew Cox, declared the death to be accidental.

“Mr. Casey has gone in after his daughter in an effort to save her,” he stated, referring to the fact that his daughter got into the canal for unexplained reasons.

Unfortunately, he has either experienced a medical emergency or has perished while making that attempt.

Thankfully, Jessica was saved because of the admirable acts of people at the time.

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