When two female models are kissing during a photo shoot, an Italian nun separates them.

This happened as two female models kissed during a magazine photo shoot in Italy and were separated by an irate nun.

As she passed Serena de Ferrari and Briton Kyshan Wilson participating in the shoot on a Naples backstreet, the mystery nun, who was clothed entirely in white, became red.

The nun pulled the two women apart as they were engaged in a kiss and said, “What are you doing? The ladies laughed at her reaction as she said that this is the devil’s business.

Both women participated in the photo session for Not Yet magazine. They both appear in the well-known Italian TV soap opera Mare Fuori.

After reprimanding the two women and the video team, the nun crossed herself and said, “Jesus, Joseph, and Mary.”

The shoot’s makeup artist, Roberta Mastalia, recalled the incident that they were on site in Naples’ Spanish Quarter, with the two models, on a small side street when suddenly the nun strolled through.

When she asked whether they attended the Mass, they replied ‘no’ and she began blaming youths for the Coronavirus. She then noticed the two models posturing up and getting ready to kiss, at which point she rushed up to separate them.

They were all initially shocked, but they soon realized it was a joke, and as you can see in the video, the two females are actually giggling.

The nun was then asked to leave when they explained that they needed to get to work, and she slowly went away.

Serena published a still from the film to her Instagram account with the caption, “God doesn’t love LGBT,” and Kyshan, 19, a London native, did the same.

Although the nun’s actions were homophobic, Antonello Sannino of the local LGBT community organization Arcigay observed that at least she wasn’t violent. It appears that the nun was rather horrified by what she witnessed, which would make sense if it were a different time period.

The Church has always updated its ideas, but in all aspects of society, including in theirs, some individuals, perhaps of the older age, have not kept up with the current developments,’ said local priest Father Salvatore Giuliano.

He applauded this nun who just responded as any of our grandmothers might have. An atmosphere of tolerance has emerged inside the Church, and this was sparked by Pope Francis, who just had his first encounter with a transgender person in the Vatican.

Yes, there is still much work to be done, but it is becoming more and more obvious that romantic love between persons of the same sex is no longer frowned upon in any setting.

Although the Catholic Church has altered its stance on same-sex partnerships in recent years, its teachings still refer to such relationships as a “grave sin.”

It forbids same-sex partnerships but permits same-sex marriages.

Pope Francis made the remark in 2013: “Who am I to condemn homosexual people?” While two years ago, the Argentine pontiff stated that “gay persons have a right to be in a family… they are god’s children and have a right to a family” in a documentary by Evgeny Afineevsky. Nobody should be treated terribly or thrown out because of it.

Later, the Vatican made an effort to explain the remarks, claiming that they had been misinterpreted and had not indicated support for same-sex unions.

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