After His Wife’s Death He Opened His Home To Strangers To Alleviate His Loneliness And Theirs.

When your spouse dies, the holidays can be a very dark and lonely time. Cyril Guthrie went through that when his wife of 43 years, Elizabeth, died. It was excruciating for him. The sad… the emptiness was terrible. He did not want to go through the holidays like that. So he decided to do something about it… something very unusual.

13 years ago, he put an ad in the local newspaper. He asked for residents who were spending Christmas alone to come over to his house, and they could all enjoy it together. That first year, 15 people showed up at Cyril’s house. He cooked for them and everyone had a good time. New friendships were made and loneliness stayed away.

The very next year, an incredible 55 people showed up and filled up Cyril’s house. Since then, some 20 to 25 will show up. A few years back, Cyril got married again, and his wife, Val, helps him cook the meals for strangers every year. And both are more than happy to keep the tradition going for as long as they can.

Says Cyril: “As long as one person needs Christmas dinner then we will keep doing it. It’s wonderful to be able to do something for other people.” 

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