Woman With Down Syndrome Opens Her Own Bakery After Being Rejected By All.

When Collette Divitto was a little girl, she LOVED to bake… as many young girls do. It was her passion, and she was good at it. During her early 20s, she tried all over Boston to get a job baking, but, for whatever reason, a job never opened up for her. And that rejection stung.

Says Collette: “Many people who interviewed me for jobs said I was really nice but not a good fit for them. It was really hurtful and I felt rejected a lot.”

And Collette started getting very self-conscious about herself, and especially about having Down Syndrome. Was THAT the real reason no one was hiring her?

Well, one would hope not, but some minds, unfortunately, can be pretty narrow. Even with all the turn-downs, though, Collette pushed forward… kept trying. She wanted to be a baker. So when practically all of her chances at getting hired at a nice bakery were exhausted, Collette’s mom, Rosemary, and her three sisters pitched in and set up their own baking company for her. And it was called Collettey’s.

And when a news station did a story on Collette and her new bakery, the orders just poured in, and Collette found herself in mid-December having to fill 10,000 orders!

Rosemary never gave up on her daughter, and no one else in the family did either. Because they KNEW Collette had a great talent. She just needed that chance to show it.

Says Collette herself: “Never give up. Don’t let people make you sad or feel rejected. Stay motivated and follow your dreams.” 

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