After horrific car crash kills parents and baby, orphaned siblings reunite in show of hope

On April 7, 2018, Jim and Karisa Clemens were going home with their five children: Angela, 8, Zachary, 5, Wyatt, 4, Nicholas, 2, and Julieanna, 2 months. A crash was caused that would claim Jim and Karisa’s lives along with their youngest daughter, Julieanna when another chauffeur missed control of her car on the highway.

The other 4 kids were hurried to hospital having grieved a number of diverse wounds. The family’s community of Texas united in a show of backing and the trouble of the four bereaved kids became well known.

Kid’s great aunt, Teresa Burrell, in an endeavour to gather aid for them, took to social media to share a picture of Zachary and Angela taken the instant they first saw each other after the crash.

Teresa penned on Facebook accompanying her image that she stand all stunned at the wonders which happen when we align our devotions with God. She further wrote that, yesterday they had requested all to drive an exceptional prayer for Zachary. She wrote that we have seen so many wonders with him and he was capable to leave his couch and get into the wheelchair for the first time. He and Angie were able to see each other for the first time after the incident.

Teresa wrote that Angie has had a lot of head injuries but she was capable to read and sing with them. She mentioned that Wyatt was taken out of his wheelchair and was walking to the physical therapy chamber and the counsellor had to stop him from trying to run. She said thank you so much for everyone’s care and devotions and they do sense them.

Giving another update later on, Teresa went on to express how the kids were come together in their retrieval.

She said that all 3 kids that are getting healing attention are now on the same rehab level and was lastly reunified a few days ago. She further wrote that Wyatt is doing so well. He grieved paralysis on his left portion but through physiotherapy has recovered power and movement. He can now walk with a spotter and is a great relief and support to his elder siblings.

Teresa wrote that Zach is still fighting as he has had difficulty in eating and has given a feeding pipe to ensure he is getting sufficient nourishment. He is also struggling off contagion and as a result has had a high fever for the last few days. He is in a lot of physical and emotional pain and this is the greatest concern.  

Teresa said that Angela carries on recovering. She is speaking more each day and is able to read confidently for short spells at a time. She took her first wheelchair drive to check the climate and was pleased to be in the sunlight.

All 3 kids as can be anticipated are stressed with sorrow as they are coming to take the loss of their parents and darling sister.

Going forward, the siblings need widespread medical and healing care. The Clemens household have turned to their community and the public in hovering money to aid cover the numerous expenses. These children be worthy of a happier future than the one they’ve been dealt. Teresa wrote that she can’t visualize the utter discomfort and grief that must come with losing your parents and baby.

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