‘You can always tell the type of mum at the school gate from what they wear’

The school gate has its reasonable part of characters.

Any parents understand that the mothers waiting for their children form cliques, and it’s clear from what you dress.

Many of us are fortunate enough to make it to the school gate on time, and even if we do, the chances of our hair being combed, much alone a whole wardrobe, are slim.

One TikTok user produced a video that accurately predicts what style of mom you are depending on what you dress at pick-up and drop-off hours.

@alexandra.croney Mums at the school gates, which one are you? 🤣 #mumsoftiktok #schoolgatesparents #momsoftiktok #comedy #tiktokcomedy ♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

The wealthy housewife

The fashion pro’s first costume was of ‘the affluent housewife,’ who can be seen wearing up-market workout clothing, but all in black, as per the user.

They’ll often have a luxury bag on their arm and big sunglasses on their face, generally to conceal their critical glares.

Most significantly, while the affluent housewife’s attire may be more casual, their hair and cosmetics are always impeccable.

The CEO of the company

While this mother may not always make it to pick-up and drop-off, when she does, you can be sure she’s dressed to impress.

While this mother may appear menacing, don’t be fooled by her stilettos; according to the fashion enthusiast, she’s all smiles.

The farmer’s spouse

The sort of mother may be identified by their knee-high boots and beige attire.

The rural life, like the affluent housewife, enjoys a luxury purse, but will generally be more modest about it, opting for something more quiet.

The person who is usually late

The most relatable mom frequently shows up still in her jammies, looking fatigued like the other mum.

If she’s not wearing her pajamas, she’ll throw on a pair of leggings and an old hoodie.

She most likely does not remain to talk to the other parents and simply wants to hurry home.

“I’m the late one, but add sunglasses, I don’t want to talk to anybody!” commented one user.

Do you agree with her ?

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