800-Pound Man Is Kicked Out Of Hospital For Ordering Pizza And Is Forced To Live In Dad’s Trunk

Steven Assanti, a thirty-something Rhode Island guy, weighed 778 pounds in 2015. Steven sought therapy at a facility with the objective of getting him to 550 pounds so he could have gastric bypass surgery.

Steven expressed that he recognises it’s an addiction. It’s also an illness. During his three-month hospital stint, Steven dropped 20 pounds – until a pizza altered everything.

Steven made an order with a nearby pizza business and requested delivery from his hospital room, intending to treat himself for his weight reduction with a “cheat meal.” The pizza delivery, on the other hand, contradicted his stringent eating regimen.

Steven was booted out of the hospital. Steven, on the other hand, criticized the employees for letting the pizza delivery man in.

Steven’s dad was concerned that his suffering son might be sentenced to death if he was left alone and with nowhere else to turn.

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