Drew Scott of ‘Property Brothers’ welcomes baby with wife after their long struggle with infertility

The delight of ultimately becoming a parent after years of unsuccessful attempts is unlike any other. Drew Scott and his wife Linda Phan are overjoyed to be expecting their first child together after years of disappointment.

Andrew Alfred Scott, better known as Drew Scott, is a reality television star from Canada.

He co-stars in the show “Property Brothers” with his brother Jonathan Scott, as the title indicates.

The programme is about house renovations, and he plays a realtor while his brother is the contractor.

Drew has frequently mentioned the first moment he saw his wife. He claimed he knew Linda Phan was the one the moment he laid eyes on her and saw her enjoying a massive slice of pizza.

Drew recounts his first conversation with his now-wife. “I came up to her [Phan] with my best pick-up line and said, ‘Where do I get the water?'” he recounted the meeting.

Soon after, he went to Phan to meet his twin brother and co-star Jonathon, as well as their high school closest buddy Pedro. Jonathon was instantly pleased and told Drew that his girlfriend was a keeper.

“My sister and I were backstage searching for pizza and drinking some water, when Drew walked up to me and asked, ‘Hey, where’d you get that water?'” says Phan of their first encounter.

The pair eventually went on their date, which they regard as the longest first date in history, a few months after their original encounter. The date featured dinner at a sushi restaurant, hot chocolate at a café, and a karaoke party to which Drew was not originally invited.

Drew sang brilliantly at the celebration, and the duo performed a few duets late into the night.

Drew had not understood his amorous side until he met Phan. Indeed, he defined himself as a continuous single man concentrated on his profession and activities.

However meeting his wife altered everything since she awoke his amorous side. However, Linda came into his life unexpectedly and caught him off guard. Linda, he added , showed him what love is. Linda brought out a part of himself that he didn’t even know existed.

In December 2016, he eventually proposed to Linda and asked her to marry him. He then revealed that he carried the ring around for weeks since he didn’t want Linda to find it by mistake.

He made the ring himself. The ring, a 1.2-carat brilliant round-cut solitaire set in a swirl-like setting, was custom-made for his fiancée.

He added of the ring that Linda doesn’t wear rings very frequently, and since she’s so little, when she does, it’s usually a small, simple, classic appearance. He wanted to create a ring with some elegance, so he used a four-prong swirl solitaire mount for the 14-karat white gold ring.

Drew came to New York to record “Marry Me,” a popular proposal song by the musical group Train. He had it playing as he and Phan ate their meal. Later on, he planned a surprise engagement party for her.

Phan is also a member of the family business, working as a creative director for Scott Brothers Entertainment and overseeing a variety of projects for their media firm.

While they enjoyed a lavish wedding in Italy, the pair claimed they had secretly married in Nashville, Tennessee. They recollect the amusing secret wedding in which they said they were married in a hot tub as the justice of the peace arrived. And instead of rings, they swapped burgers!

After they were legally married, the couple looked forward to the next stage of their lives: having children. Drew even stated, they’re really thrilled to have children.  Linda and he believe they’ll make terrific parents, and they’re delighted to begin that chapter of their lives.

The couple even made room in their Los Angeles house for future kids. But after two years of trying, they realised something was amiss. They sought medical assistance in order to discover solutions.

Their studies revealed that Phan had a thyroid problem that made fertilisation difficult. She began treatment for her ailment, and the pair sought out other couples dealing with similar issues. They even discussed how, if a pregnancy did not occur, they would be prepared to adopt a kid.

However, the pair received life-changing news in August 2021. They discovered they were expecting a child. The overjoyed father shared the news on social media, along with a photo of his wife’s baby belly.

The delighted parents-to-be appreciated all, particularly the medical personnel who assisted them on their trip. “It’s been an adventure to get here!” Drew said in the caption. We recognise that we are not alone in this journey, and that everyone’s is distinctive in its own way.”

On May 4, 2022, the couple announced the birth of their son on their “At Home” podcast and expressed their excitement with their listeners. They disclosed that their son’s name is Parker James Scott.

The 8-pound, 1.8-ounce baby came on his parents’ fourth wedding anniversary. The pair is overjoyed beyond words.

Drew stated on his podcast that now that he has a kid, he is attempting to focus his family more. “I think there are parts of having a baby that tend to impact who you are,” he remarked. I still like what I do and enjoy assisting other families, but a major part of me will always be there for Parker.”

We are overjoyed for Drew and Linda as they become parents and welcome their newborn son into the world.

Share their incredible journey to parenting with your loved ones.

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