‘I’m marrying a woman twice my size – people say I’m not man enough for her’

A size 22 care worker who gave up on relationships after ex-boyfriends told her she needed to diet or be rejected found love with a man half her size — and they’ve now had a kid.

Brittany Jacques, 24, suffered with self-esteem when prior boyfriends exerted pressure on her to reduce weight from her 250-pound body, which had initially drawn them to her.

However, after nearly quitting love, the singleton from Ontario, Canada, met personal trainer Matt Montgomery, 24, on Facebook in August 2020 and immediately hit it off.

The pair is now engaged and believe it was love at first sight — despite the fact that their 117-pound weight differential is constantly mocked online.

And it’s been discovered that they’ve had a child. Brittany announced the news on social media, writing, “She’s a mom now,” and accompanying photos of her pregnant belly and a baby.

She previously stated that they had both practically given up on dating when they started conversing. From the first time they met, they clicked. 

At first, she was apprehensive. She has been in relationships where males threatened to leave her if she didn’t start dieting or attempting to lose weight.

It did impair her self-esteem, and she did start working out and attempting to lose weight at one time. But then she realised that if she did, she wouldn’t love herself longer, and she would be altering herself to fit somebody else’s definition of beautiful.

She didn’t think she would ever find somebody who truly appreciated her for who she is, but after meeting Matt, she couldn’t be happier.

Matt, who was immediately drawn to Brit’s self-confidence and body positive message, said that his prior relationships with slimmer women had been fraught with issues due to their body anxieties.

On January 30, 140-pound Matt proposed to Brit in a candlelight snow-covered setting in the countryside near their house.

He has been in past relationships with thin girls, and they weren’t satisfied with themselves at all, he explained. They weren’t optimistic individuals, or they always felt the need to improve things about themselves, and that depressed him as well.

When he met Britt, she was very secure in her own skin, which he admired; she didn’t want to alter anything, and he would never ask her to.

He also enjoys food, so that’s a bonus. He is not concerned about calorie counting or diets; he simply wants her to eat what she wants and be content.

Considering their ideal relationship, the pair faces criticism from internet trolls who claim they shouldn’t be together.

He sees people gazing when we go down the street, Matt added, yet the most of the remarks they have received have been online.

Some individuals say on Instagram that he is not large enough or macho enough for her.

However, the pair has rejected allegations that they can’t love each other due to their size disparity and insists that more mixed-weight partnerships be mainstream.

She  wished mixed weight relationships were more widespread and more normal, Brit added.

There’s a common idea that a large person and a skinny person can’t be appropriately intimate or establish a family, but they’ve never had any problems.

They feel very fortunate to have met, and it’s the happiest they’ve ever been.

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