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After opener Khalid is involved in a car accident, Ed Sheeran opens his own concert.

Ed Sheeran is a gentleman.

The “Shape of You” singer performed his typical repertoire multiplied by two on Saturday at the most recent stop on his + – = x (“Mathematics”) Tour.

When Khalid, the 32-year-old singer-songwriter’s opening act, was unable to perform at the FedEx Field concert in Maryland, the British musician took the stage sooner than planned. The 25-year-old “Young Dumb & Broke” singer was involved in a vehicle accident, according to Sheeran.

In a video of his unexpected opening performance that was filmed by a fan, he said that he is recovering and that they wish him the best.

He said that he is going to say this after every song since if people don’t know who was going to be the opening act today, they’re going to walk in like, ‘This show isn’t what I thought it was. I had anticipated seeing more fireworks.’

The four-time Grammy winner chose to start the event simply and reserve the theatrics for later.

He played songs from his most recent album, – (Subtract), including “No Strings” and “Sycamore,” an emotive piece about his wife’s cancer diagnosis, for 30 minutes while wearing a basic white T-shirt and black joggers.

Sheeran expressed his enjoyment at playing the opening slot in a concertgoer’s video recording of the performance.

Typically, it’s pitch dark when he starts playing, but now he can see everyone. The “Perfect” singer said to the audience, It’s fantastic. This is a lot of fun.

He almost feels like there’s a lot of pressure when one is the main act, since people have paid to see one, but he feels like when one is the opening act, one is sort of like, ‘Let’s have fun,’ he said. Let’s sing some tunes.

The two-time father’s reflections on his early career as a musician were also prompted by the event.

When he was like 16, 17, or 18, he used to open up for people a lot, he remarked. And that was during the MySpace era. The cards he used to hand out said, “Check me out on MySpace,”

The celebrity remarked in a different fan-shot video that was filmed in between songs that he really wishes to say, before he introduces this next song, that he truly hopes Khalid gets well soon and that he’ll be joining them in Boston.

The next venue on Sheeran’s first domestic tour in almost five years will be Boston’s Boch Center Wang Theatre.

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