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Shawn Johnson Looks Back on Her Olympic Career While Visiting an Ancient Stadium with Her Children: Proud of Where I Am’

With her children by her side, Shawn Johnson East is reflecting on her time competing in the Olympics.

The 31-year-old Olympic gymnast posted a reel to her Instagram account on Monday that was compiled of footage from her 2008 gold medal celebration and her 2023 trip with her two children to Athens, Greece’s Panathenaic Stadium.

Greece was not the location of Johnson East’s 2008 Summer Olympics, but the Panathenaic Stadium, which dates back to antiquity, has hosted the Olympics twice before: in the late 1800s and in 2004.

Johnson East graciously expressed her thoughts stating, “Going back to the Olympic Stadium thankful, but also so proud of where I am today.”

In the caption, she reflected on how her life had changed since winning the gold for her balancing beam performance at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics. “Life can look good in a lot of different ways #olympics #family #parenting #kids #gymnastics,” she wrote.

Drew Hazel, 2, and Jett James, 20 months, are Johnson East and Andrew East’s children.

Johnson East posted images and a video of her son Jett and daughter Drew flying in an airplane with her husband, a former NFL player, in May on her Instagram Story.

“Disney here we come! Daddy is flying!!! captioning, the first image shows the gold medalist holding her sleeping infant on her lap.

The mom of two recently revealed that she got huge points with her kids for bringing them on set to meet the characters from the well-liked show. She will be appearing in a May 13 episode of Blippiverse.

According to Johnson East, who spoke, they worship the ground Blippi walks on. And when they got to visit the set and meet Blippi and Meekah, their daughter still talks about it often. She considers Blippi to be her closest buddy, and really, these people are the nicest ever.

They acted as though they were close friends while they played with her kid. And as a mother, it was really a meaningful time for her, she said. They are incredibly eager to watch the episode.

In the episode, Johnson East discusses gymnastics with Meekah, something she has been practicing with her daughter Drew.

Starting the sport of gymnastics at approximately age 2 is extremely common. It’s actually one of the few situations in which one can place a small child, so for one, it’s an opportunity to go outside and engage in an activity that she enjoys.

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