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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds visit Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood on the set of the “Great British Baking Show.”

The Great British Baking Show is a favorite of both Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively!

The 46-year-old Deadpool actor was all smiles as he posed with Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith, the presenters of the well-liked baking program, and gushed about getting to visit the site. Soon after, Hollywood posted a photo of Lively, 35, on his Instagram page, indicating that she had also been there.

In a casual green button-up shirt and pants, Reynolds seemed happy and threw an arm over Hollywood and Leith in his Instagram shot.

He captioned the picture, “A full and unconditional hug of pure serotonin.”

Leith flashed a broad grin at the camera while sporting her trademark vivid colors of a bright pink and orange patterned top and matching bright pink spectacles, while Hollywood, who was dressed in blue button-down shirt and trousers, pointed to the actor with excitement.

“Great catching up …” Hollywood left a remark, while the couple’s pal Gigi Hadid added an enthusiastic “RYAN!” along with a pie emoji.

Afterwards, Hollywood acknowledged that Lively had also been on the shoot. A few hours after Reynolds published his message, the balding baker uploaded a picture on Instagram showing him seated close to the actress as she giggled and patted his arm. Even better, he included a playful message aimed at his co-host, Leith.

“Sorry Prue, Blake (@blakelively) has taken your seat… welcome to cake corner Blake 😁#legendinthetent #getbaking @vancityreynolds, he wrote.

Lively is no newcomer to baking; in 2021, she shared a post of her homemade watermelon cake on Instagram.

“The benefits of being a hoarder #492: you’re at the ready with your Betty Crocker Bake & Fill —that you haven’t used since you were 17– the moment someone requests a watermelon cake. Shout out to all my fellow as seen on TV nuts. Pullin’ out the Euroseal next,” She captioned the video, which showed her slicing into the amazing sweet treat.

In the meantime, her spouse could want assistance from the skilled bakers in the tent. He amusingly shared a purported baking failure in 2018 on Instagram when he attempted to make a strawberry-topped cake for his wife, Blake Lively.

He made his wife this cake, Reynolds captioned the picture of the dish while holding it up, seeming a little skeptical about the delicious treat himself. The icing is glue, because he is not a scientist,’ he wrote.

But it wasn’t his first culinary disaster; the actor also made a batch of cookies in December of the year before, but they didn’t exactly come out gourmet or even look like cookies at all.

Lively poked fun at the situation by posting pictures of the cookies on Instagram with the caption, “@vancityreynolds made some Christmas cookies… 😳…He’s verrry handsome though.”

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