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As a 50th wedding anniversary gift for his wife, a man plants 1.2 million sunflowers in a field.

Many couples mark their wedding anniversaries by going out for a lavish dinner or simply a few drinks.

But for major milestone anniversaries, some people want to do something extra special, whether it’s a few nights away in a hotel or even a great vacation.

While this guy did none of those things, the gift he gave his wife on their 50th wedding anniversary was nothing short of amazing.

Lee Wilson, from Kansas, has been a dedicated farmer for almost his whole life.

Lee chose to cultivate 1.2 million sunflowers over an 80-acre field to commemorate the landmark golden wedding anniversary.

Lee’s wife, Renee, has always adored sunflowers, so he viewed it as the perfect opportunity to express his love for her on their anniversary.

Lee seeded sunflower seeds with the aid of their kid for the whole month of May, which is extremely astounding.

Not only did the father-son team plant 1.2 million sunflowers in only one month, yet they also managed to keep it a secret from Renee, resulting in a huge surprise on the day.

“Well, our 50th wedding anniversary is August 10th, and you know what a guy gets his gal for the 50th?” Lee stated.

“And I put a lot of thought into it, and she always liked sunflowers,” he continued, something Lee is well aware of given the couple’s relationship dating back to high school.

Lee gave the considerate gift to his wife lately, ahead of their important anniversary in a few weeks, and Renee was overjoyed.

She expressed that it made her feel very special. A field of sunflowers couldn’t have been a more beautiful anniversary present.

A video of Renee finding the sunflowers has gone viral on social media, with many people’s hearts warmed by the sweet gesture.

Many tourists have rushed to the farm on Highway 54, about four miles east of Pratt, Kansas, since the sunflowers blossomed and Lee presented his gift to his wife.

While many locals have gone, others have traveled long distances to grab those ideal photo chances, which will only last two weeks because of the short sunflower season.

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