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Will Smith Revels in Jada Pinkett Smith’s Bestselling Book: ‘Congrats, Mama!’

Will Smith is pleased with his wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s recent achievement.

Worthy, the new book by the Girls Trip actress, has debuted at No. 4 on the New York Times bestseller list for nonfiction books, based on combined print and e-book sales.

“Thank you to the RTT family, the Worthy Warriors, and all who wanted to know my story beyond the headlines,” Jada, 52, said on Instagram in a video message.

Jada mentions three additional female authors who make up the top five in the video, including Rachel Maddow (Prequel), Cassidy Hutchinson (Enough), and Dolly Parton (Behind the Seams).

She was sitting here reflecting that there was a time where women actually had to take on the names of men in order to be published, and here we have four women at the top of the bestsellers list, she added. She went on to say that she is truly thankful.

“‘New York Times Best Selling Author, Jada Pinkett Smith’ CONGRATS, MAMA!” Will, 55, said in the comments section. “Big Looks.”

When Jada appeared on a recent edition of On Purpose with Jay Shetty, the presenter read her a letter written by Will in which he expressed his feelings about reading her new book.

He just turned the final page of Worthy, Will, who married Jada in 1997, wrote. It’s wonderful to realize that, despite having spent the majority of his life by her side, he was still astonished, stunned, and caught off guard, laughing, then inspired, then heartbroken. He was strewn about.

He went on to say that it’s one thing to hear anecdotes at a family barbecue, however it was truly difficult to take in her story, strongly condensed in this way.

Will, whose memoir Will was released in 2021, went on to say that Jada is “one of one, a rare blend of power and delicate sensitivity.”

He said in the letter that he understand how difficult it was to excavate the depths in that manner. He congratulates and honors her. He would have hugged her more if he had read this book 30 years ago. He’ll get started right away. Welcome to the Authors Club. He will always love her.

When Jada debuted her book Worthy in June, she said on Instagram that a lot of individuals think they already know about her journey, which she details in the book.

The reality that she have, in the last four years contributed to the creation and perpetuation of falsehoods about herself, in which other untrue narratives were birthed, has certainly aided in the misunderstandings that surround her, she told reporters at the time. This fall, with great respect and modesty, she will take back her narrative.

The book, she said, was a harrowing ride of regaining her self-worth while uncovering unspoken truths.

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