A man pays first visit to grave after killing terminally ill wife, who ‘begged him to do it.’

David Hunter, a retired miner, said he killed his chronically sick wife, Janice, to relieve her of her pain and was freed from detention on Monday (July 31)).

He was seen visiting Janice’s cemetery for the first time the day after being released from prison in Cyprus after a judge sentenced him to two years in prison for the manslaughter of his 52-year-old wife.

The 76-year-old said his late wife ‘cried and begged’ him to do it since she had blood cancer.

Hunter was on trial for the asphyxiation death of his wife, who died in December 2021.

Mrs. Hunter’s ‘desire’ to die was heard in court, and her husband ‘only felt sentiments of love’ for his late wife after being married for almost five decades.

Hunter’s defense attorney, Ritsa Pekri, told the court that her client’s motivation was to free his wife from all that she was going through due to her health problems.

Hunter was convicted of manslaughter in the death of his wife, but he was eventually freed since he had already served 19 months in jail.

He was sentenced to two years in prison but was released 15 minutes later at Paphos District Court on Monday owing to time served and good conduct.

He has no words for it, the tearful guy told the journalists outside the court. He apologizes and wishes he could express it in words, but he can’t.

The day following his release from the Cypriot jail (1 August), the British expat went to visit his late wife’s grave at a cemetery only minutes from the couple’s house in Tremithousa, a tiny hamlet near the seaside tourist town of Paphos.

He had previously been unable to visit Mrs. Hunter’s grave since he was taken to the hospital shortly after her death after a suicide attempt by overdose, but doctors arrived in time to rescue him.

Hunter was apprehended and charged with murder at this time.

At the cemetery, photos show the widower holding a bouquet of pink, purple, and yellow flowers.

She is delighted and glad that her beloved dad has been released, Hunter’s daughter, Lesley Cawthorne, said, adding that the last 19 months have been a living nightmare for their family, but today marks the beginning of them being able to rebuild their lives. With Dad’s release, they can finally mourn for her mother, and she hopes everyone can respect their privacy while they take the time to come to terms with her loss.

Michael Polak of Justice Abroad, who represented the Hunter, said the organization was ‘very happy’ with the sentence.

He continued that this has been a tragic case that was challenging for all involved, but today’s decision was the right one and enables David and his family to mourn together.

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