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Colleen Conrad, Jon Gosselin’s ex, defends his ‘kind’ son Collin against ‘derogatory statements’ and allegations.

Colleen Conrad, Jon Gosselin’s ex-wife, is defending his son, Collin Gosselin, amid the public debate about his apparent behavioral troubles.

Conrad, who dated Jon for seven years, revealed on Instagram on Friday why she felt driven to explain Collin after hearing the recent “derogatory statements” made by Jon’s ex-wife Kate and daughter Mady, 22.

She wrote beside a picture collage of herself and the Jon & Kate Plus 8 star. These statements were made by family members who have been estranged from his life since he was 12. Collin is not only someone she adores, but he has also played an important role in her family’s life. He is now at Marine Corps boot camp and is unable to defend himself.

Conrad said that Collin stayed with her for over two years “until he turned 18” after her divorce from Jon in 2021.

She said that he excelled and was always considerate and kind, and he never talked back to her. He was never aggressive, and he is far from dangerous. He is always there for her when she needs him, even sending her white flowers on every visit.

She could tag a bunch of people who’ve spent time with Collin, and they’d all testify to what a wonderful individual he is, she went on. He has triumphed over more obstacles than any single person should ever have to face.

Despite being institutionalized for three years on his own, with only three visits from his mother, and receiving no proper education, he achieved a 4.0 GPA and won the highest GPA award at his ROTC banquet. She is extremely proud of what he’s accomplished.

Conrad went on to say that Collin “never gave up” on his desire to join the Marines, despite the fact that it seemed unattainable given his background.

She said that he went off all medications two years ago and has continued to thrive in school and at work. As an adult, he sought private psychiatric evaluations that disproved all previous diagnoses. His tenacity led him to the Marines, where he is currently living his goal. He wouldn’t be here unless he disproved their diagnosis.

She ended the communication with an update on Collin’s progress while in Marine Corps boot camp.

She wrote that she got letters from Collin during his time at boot camp, and he acknowledges that it is difficult, but he is happy and proud to be there. He is a testament to resilience and bravery, and she is grateful to have him in her life.

Collin will always be a part of her family, and she’ll support him no matter what, she said. That’s what families do. Collin’s character merits commendation, not baseless charges from people who are distant from him.

Meanwhile, Jon’s representative tells that Jon is very delighted to see that Colleen has finally come out to publicly support his son Collin. Jon and Colleen have remained friends, and Jon will always be grateful for Colleen’s involvement in coparenting Collin.

According to a source, Jon and Conrad “coparented before Collin turned 18.” Like any divorced father, he went back and forth.

Conrad met Jon as a child in Pennsylvania, but their romance did not begin until 2014. In 2020, things were difficult for the couple as Jon was hospitalized for 11 days due to COVID-19 and was unable to work for 47 days, while Conrad was diagnosed with breast cancer. Their relationship eventually suffered as a result of their health concerns, and Jon stated they had called it quits by August 2021.

Conrad’s encouragement of Collin comes only two weeks after his sister Mady and mother Kate also came out about his reported behavioral troubles. Kate told that her son Collin, whom she loves with all her heart, has received multiple psychiatric diagnoses over the years. Following years of outpatient care that proved inadequate for his requirements, he was admitted to a facility for the protection of herself, his brothers and sisters, and his own well-being.

Collin was hospitalized when he was 12 years old, according to both Jon and Collin. Jon said in their episode of Vice TV’s Dark Side of the 2000s that he paid $1 million to get Collin out of rehab. He previously informed in 2019 that Collin had no known or identified medical conditions other than normal ADHD at the time.

In 2016, Kate told that Collin has “special needs.” Last year, he responded to Entertainment Tonight, saying that it’s terrible that that’s how his mom phrased him as an individual. He doesn’t see those things and doesn’t believe anybody else does, but if that’s how she views him, then that’s her point of view.

Meanwhile, Jon stated on Vice TV that a doctor told him there’s “no diagnosis yet” and that they’re “gonna figure that out.”

Collin, who completed high school earlier this year and announced his intention to join the Marines, also said on the Vice TV show that family members had cut him off and that his mother had been violent. Both Jon and Collin have denied that the 19-year-old ever participated in aggressive behavior.

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